Saturday, August 29, 2009

Magic Springs

We recently took a day trip to Magic Springs in Hot Springs. We had not been in a while, and were pleasantly surprised with how much fun we all had! We even talked about getting season tickets next year!

There were so many fun rides for the kids to enjoy. We made a stop at the train for Carson. Christian jumped in with him too! See Christian's arm waving from the side of the picture? :)

Caylie and Christian rode the swings. Carson and I rode later in the day, but didn't get any pics. I know I must be getting old, because the swings made me feel a little sick!

We did get a picture of us riding in the plane! I was a little bit surprised that they let adults ride this ride because there was NO leg room at all! My legs were so folded up under me that I thought I would break!

I can't remember what this ride was called, but Caylie and Christian loved it! They are both very brave when it comes to rides. They never come across a ride that they don't want to jump on! Often more than once!

While Corey and the big kids were doing some wilder rides, I took Carson on the Merry-Go-Round...about 5 times in a row! He never got tired of it!

Carson went on his first log ride. We were not sure how he would react, but as soon as he got to the bottom of the big hill, and got soaked with water, he started laughing! He loved it!

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