Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

Well, EVERYONE has been doing this. I was tagged to do it a couple of weeks ago, and have put it off because I thought it would take me too long to think of 25 things that wouldn't put everyone to sleep....but, here goes...

25 Random Things About Me...

1) I am as blind as a bat. I started wearing glasses in 2nd grade, and can't see past my nose (literally!) without contacts or glasses now. I really want to have surgery someday to correct that.

2) While in college, my family lived in Heidelberg, Germany, so I spent every Christmas and summer in Europe. I loved it there, and really dream of spending some time there with my husband and kids some day.

3) I met my husband, Corey, in the first class of our freshman year in college. We got married 4 years later, when we were 22. I am 10 days older than Corey, and he LOVES that!

4) Until this year, I didn't like to drink carbonated drinks. Just milk, water and juice...sometimes coffee. This year, I decided that I would make myself learn to like Diet Coke because I realized that I could really use that mid-day energy perk! It works!

5) I am really bad...I mean, really, really bad, with directions! You have no idea.

6) I am a homebody. I could stay at home for days on end, and be perfectly happy. I am never bored at home. I also don't have to have people around me all of the time to be happy.

7) I love to travel. Our family loves to see and experience new places together.

8) We love to go to Branson, MO! It is only about 3 hours away, and we would go a couple of times a year if we could!

9) I am not a phone person.

10) From kindergarten through 12th grade, I went to 9 different schools.

11) I recently started a blog. I hope it will become something valuable for our family to look back on over time. It is fun to do, and a good creative outlet!

12) I am very strong willed.

13) My faith in God is my rock.

14) I used to really, really want a pool in our back yard. Have one. Now, I really, really DON'T want a pool in our back yard!

15) Every season brings special things that I love. Fall and Spring are beautiful and I love the temperatures. Summer if full of fun, but I hate the heat. Winter...not very pretty, but I love Christmas, and actually like cold weather, and there is always at least a little hope of snow!

16) We have 3 kids. Caylie (15), Christian (11), and Carson (2 1/2). I LOVE being a mom! My children bring me sooo much joy! My Blessings!

17) I used to be a big shopper. Now, not so much. But since my 15 year old daughter is now a big shopper, I like to go, just to be with her! She is great! :)

18) Purpose Driven Life is my favorite book ever! I could read it over and over again.

19) I am a list person...very much a list person!

20) I consider myself a frustrated perfectionist. I like to have everything "just so", and can't ever get it all that way at the same time! Frustrating!

21) I prefer to stay up late and sleep late, but that is hard with kids, so I usually end up staying up late, and waking up at the same time as usual. I have learned that coffee is my friend.

22) I HATED high school and LOVED college!

23) I don't really mind doing dishes....but laundry, not my favorite...too many steps to get it all done!

24) I like decorating, and tweaking things inside the house, but yard work...not at all. Martha would shake her head at me.

25) Cooking and baking interest me, I'm just not very good at them...but I want to be! Maybe someday! :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Day...Well...Actually, Light Rain Day

Today my kids are out of school, and most places around town are closed.

Northerners would laugh.

Do we have slippery, icy streets?


Do we have lots of fun snow for the kids to play in?

Not a bit.

We've had a little rain, and are hovering around freezing, so we're closing up shop.

I love having the kids home from school, but it just seems weird, when the roads are fine, and nothing is falling, to slam on the breaks.

We had the fire in the fireplace, the chili on hand, and hot chocolate ready to go. My mom even came over and spent the night...but nothin'. Don't get me wrong...the yummy chili and hot chocolate won't go to waste, but it's just not quite the same when you look outside when you get up (and all day long as well) and it's just been sprinkling.

Know what I mean?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

There's No Place Like Home!!!

I'm home!

This is the longest I have EVER been away from my family, and I am sooo happy to back where I belong!

Don't get me wrong...I am glad I went to DC to be with my sister, and my parents, and I do feel like it was the right thing to do. No doubt about that.

But, still.

This was one happy mommy when I stepped off of that plane with my mom this afternoon and saw my hubby with big brother, Christian, and little brother Carson, holding a giant candy kiss with a helium balloon attached that said "I love you!"

Hugs all around...that's what I'm talking about!

Caylie was at play practice, so I had to wait and hug on her a little bit later.

Speaking of hugging...maybe that wasn't the best thing, as I look back.


Because last night, Corey was HORRIBLY sick with the stomach bug, and after all of the hugging this afternoon, guess what is happening right now?

My sweet little Caylie is downstairs as sick as a dog.

Corey sent the rest of us upstairs for the night, just in case we have not already been too exposed. He is a good nurse, so I know that Caylie is in good hands.

But it may already be too late...we shall see.

Christian is scared to death that he is next.

BUT...with all of that said...

Am I still happy to be this stomach bug germ fest???


Writing the Waves,

Friday, January 23, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

Yesterday after Jeanna's IV treatment, we all loaded up and went out for a drive.

Our family lived in the DC area from the time I was in 8th grade until I graduated from High School, and then they moved to Heidelberg, Germany while I was in college, and then back to the DC area for a couple of years after I graduated from college.

Anyway, last night we went and took a look at all of the houses that we had lived in. There were three. It brought back lots of memories for all of us. I wanted to take some pictures, but it was dark...maybe another time. :(

We ended the evening in of the fun, more "happening" areas of DC, and ate at an old favorite. Clyde's restaurant in Georgetown Park (a mall). See that little area in the middle of the mall? Well, back in the 80's, Goldie Hawn filmed part of a movie there, and her character passed out right in the middle of her salad that that little area. Fascinating. Just a little tidbit that I remember from my high school days. Good Stuff.

Clyde's is the restaurant that my family, and my friend Miriam's family ate at right after my high school graduation ceremony. I don't think it has changed much...I even remembered where we sat that long, long ago! :)

While I love visiting such a fun, exciting city. I am glad to be doing just that...visiting.

I think our little slice of life in Arkansas is more my style. I am by no means, a country girl, but a small city girl is a perfect description. I love having access to the things and places that I want/need, when I want/need them, but don't love the crazy traffic, etc., etc., etc., that goes along with big city living.

I guess that is a good thing since I'm now an Arkansas girl, and not DC girl, huh?

Writing the Waves,

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just A Little Stir Crazy...That's All

Jeanna is home now. She is upstairs taking a nap. Hopefully she will quickly regain her energy, and feel much better. Daily IV treatments begin tomorrow at 1:00.

Today I have been a little stir crazy. I haven't left the sister's house that is. I could have, I just wasn't quite ready when mom was heading out, so I stayed here with my dad.

Back at home, I could very easily fall into the "homebody" category. I can stay home for days on end and be just fine because I literally never run out of things that I need/want to get done.

Corey is sooo not that way!

Staying "home" in someone else's home is different though. I will say that I have had lots of computer/tv time today. I'm just not used to having this much unspoken for time. It is weird.

Actually, I need to just relax and enjoy it, because I feel pretty confident that when I get back to my house on Saturday afternoon, I won't be bored...AT ALL! ;0

Mom has made a yummy smelling roast for dinner, so I guess I'm off to do some good eatin'!

Writing the Waves,

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Taking On A Lighter Subject

Well, I have been living the hospital life for several days now, and have to say, I can't blame my sister for itching to escape her little room!

The doctors are considering sending her home tomorow. The infection seems to be under control! Although we are still nervous about Jeanna's now very compromised heart, we are sooo thankful that God appears to have brought her through the initial phase of this trial. We will pray now for her continued health!

In the meantime, I am going to distract my brain for a minute with something lighter!

My friend Lisa tagged me to do this little thingy last week, but I am just now getting to it...

1) Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer
2) Select the 4th picture in the folder
3) Explain the picture

This was Christmas 2006. It is my mom, my dad, my sister, and my precious little guy, Carson in our living room It is probably one of the only Christmas's we have ever had at our house, we usually go to our parents houses.

Seeing little Carson reminds me of just how VERY much I am missing my wonderful family right now!!! I will be returning home on Saturday. This is the longest I have ever been away from my family. I will be happy to see their faces! They have been so sweet to allow me this time to be with my sister!

Thanks sweet fam, you're the best!

Writing the Waves,

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hanging in There...

We are cautiously optimistic. Jeanna seems to be doing a bit better. She has not had fever for several days now...which is a good indication that the antibiotics are doing their job. We are so thankful for that.

Today she had an ultrasound of her heart, and as last week, it still shows a flailing piece on her heart valve that looks like it could detach, which is what caused the stroke that she had last week. We are hoping to hear more from the doctors tomorrow, but so far, it has been difficult to get the information that we are craving.

We did find out today that since Jeanna does not have insurance, that she will not be kept in the hospital for the full 6 weeks of IV antibiotic therapy. She will be treated on an outpatient basis...coming to the clinic each day for an IV treatment.

She is relieved because, having spent a week in her hospital room, she is ready to leave. We, as her family understand her wanting to be home, but worry about her leaving the 24/7 care that she has access to at the hospital.

We are all so thankful for the prayers that have been offered on Jeanna's behalf. They have been, and will continue to be, greatly appreciated!

Writing the Waves,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pray With Me Please

Yesterday we found out that my sister, who now lives in Virginia, is very ill.
We knew something was wrong on Sunday morning. My mother was visiting her in Virginia, and realized that something serious was going on, and got Jeanna to the hospital.

She has been diagnosed with staph endocarditis...a staph infection around her heart valve. The infection causes her heart valve to disintegrate, and one of the pieces that has broken off, went to her brain and has caused a stroke.

Fortunately, the stroke does not seem to have been in an area of the brain that if affecting vital functions like language and movement, but there is always the fear of another stroke.

Two other pieces appear to have broken off and settled in her ankle, and elbow, causing great pain.

They have started what they say will be a 6 week IV antibiotic therapy, throughout which, she will be hospitalized.

My mom is with Jeanna now, my dad is flying in tomorrow, and I will arrive on Friday.

Please pray with me that God will watch over my sister, and that her treatments will be effective, and stop any further damage to her body.

Jeanna is 36 years old.

I love her so much, and don't know what I would do without her.

Please pray with me.

Writing the Waves,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm Out Of Commission...

I am out of commission.

Two nights ago, my sweet hubby took me out for a birthday dinner...just the two of us. We went to Bonefish Grill. Oh my! How we LOVE that place!

We had a YUMMY, relaxing, wonderful dinner, and then, disaster!

We were walking back out to the car, and as I stepped off of the curb, into the parking lot, down I went!

It was one of those areas, right above a gutter, where it dips down further than you expect it to...

How embarrassing, and HOW PAINFUL!

Oh my gosh, if I had not been so overcome with sheer humiliation, I think I would have broken down and cried from the pain, right there in the parking lot! Corey helped me get up, and then held on to me with a death grip because I was about to faint as I struggled to get back to the car...I'm so bad about that.

The last time I had an injury that amounted to anything, Corey and I were photographing a wedding, and I fell and broke my finger. I passed out, not once, but twice, right there in the middle of all of the wedding about making a scene.

Oh, and did I mention how embarrassing it was when I awoke from the second fainting spell to see the ambulance crew standing over me?

Anyway, back to my story...

I did quite a number on my ankle, and haven't been able to put any weight on it since. Not cool when you have a busy household, that also happens to include a busy toddler!

My in-laws came over yesterday to help out, and even brought some KFC for dinner, which we all greatly appreciated!

Carson had Mother's Day Out today...YEA! That helped!

Corey and the two older kiddos have really kicked it into high gear to cover for me too. I am so thankful! I know that with Corey working, and the older kids having school, the house is not going to run as it normally would, but they are trying to keep things together, and I appreciate it!

My mom is out of town. Otherwise, I know that she would be here, helping me out. No doubt about that...she is my BFF! :)

I must admit that I feel very guilty with others having to work extra hard in order for me to sit around. That is tough, but I guess there are times when we all have to give up a little bit of control, and allow others to help us...even if it isn't what we would choose.

Since I don't really have many options at this point, I will just have to accept that this is the way it is. I will try to express to my family how thankful I am for their help. I will make a point to use this time wisely. I have LOTS of computer work that I can get knocked out while sitting around.

From what I hear, surely within the next few days, things should start getting better...hopefully enough that I can at least put a little bit of weight on my foot, and get around the house. I am already getting some more movement, so that is a good sign.

Thank you, my sweet family for helping me out!

I love you all!

Writing the Waves,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ever bite off more than you can chew???

I have bitten off more than I can chew...again!

After being inspired by some great decorating blogs, I decided to take action on something that has been on my "to do" list forever.

I was staring at the built in wine cabinet in my kitchen. I have always been bothered by this area because although we may have a glass of wine every now and then, the rare bottle of wine that passes through our doors certainly shouldn't require a special section of our kitchen to accommodate it! I have way too many things in my kitchen to maintain a whole section of upper cabinets for an occasional single bottle of wine...ya know?

Now, before you become overwhelmed by the ugliness of the fake greenery above the wine rack area...don't worry, it has already been taken down. It was just one of those things that I had seen for so long, that I had quit seeing happens to the best of us, right?

Well, although I had looked this area over sooo many times in the 6 years that we have lived here, I suddenly decided that the time had come to take action. I grabbed a hammer, and a towel, to soften the blows, and started whacking away! At first, I didn't make much progress, but eventually, that front panel of the wine rack finally gave up, and died.


Sort of.

UNFORTUNATELY...I discovered that the back panel, which also has all of those wine holes in it, is about 4 times thicker than the front one, and I don't think that whacking it with the hammer is going to do the job. I think we're talking power tools here, and that is not my (or my hubby's) department!

So I end up with a slightly different, but clearly worse, wine cabinet issue than I started with.


I think this means that I am going to have to call for back up...which means $$$, which means that finishing up this baby might have to take a back seat to some other, more pressing priorities at the moment!

I told Corey that I had gotten sucked into yet another "start it yourself" project!

He hates when I do that.

Oh, how I had wanted to put a couple of baskets on that shelf to hold my many useful, necessary things...and maybe a framed picture, some other nice little somethin, somethin's, but, it appears that this is not the time.

I have a feeling that I'm not going to be able to start making much use of that space until Mr. Handyman comes around, and when that will be...not so sure.

So, I guess our three bottles of sparkling grape juice can reclaim thier home of 6 years for the time being.

Oh well.

On to other projects..

Writing the Waves,

Friday, January 9, 2009

My first meme!

35 Things About Me

I'm so unoriginal!

I can't think of anything "blog worthy" right now, and I feel like I am past due, soooo.....

I saw this meme on Lisa's blog, who saw it on Meredith's blog, so I'm going to do it too!

1. Do you like bleu cheese salad dressing?
Got it on a burger in a fancy, expensive restaurant once, and couldn't even eat the burger...yuck!!

2. Do you own a gun?
Hubby has one tucked away. Don't think it has been used since we've been married.

3. What's your favorite drink at Starbucks?
That's tough. White Chocolate Mocha or Chai Tea Latte I guess...or maybe Pumpkin Spice Latte???

4. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Coffee with the pink stuff and 1/2 & 1/2

5. Do you do pushups?

6. What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
A beautiful bracelet that hubby got me for Christmas several years ago...LOVE IT...but it is broken right now. :(

7. Favorite hobby?
Scrapbooking maybe, but I'm never even close to being caught up! Lots of contenders though! Reading, decorating, shopping...

8. Do you have A.D.D.?
I wish I could blame some stuff on something legit, like that!

9. What's one trait that you hate about yourself?

10. Name three thoughts at this exact moment:
A) Are there any good parts of being stubborn?
B) What is Corey watching on TV in there?
C) Hope Christian doesn't fuss about going to bed at midnight since he has a friend over!

11. Name 4 drinks you regularly drink.
A) Water
B) Milk
C) Coffee
D) Diet Coke...newly acquired taste (need the extra energy!)

12. Current worry right now?
That bad things will happen to good people that I know.

13. Current hate right now?
That I don't have the power to change some things that need changing!

Also...a side point...I HATE bicycles that get in the way of cars on the road...MAJOR PET PEEVE!!! Ask my family! I constantly gripe about it!

14. Favorite place to be?
Home or on a great vacation!

15. Do you like to travel?
YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

16. What color shirt are you wearing?
White shirt / brown sweater...good stuff, huh?

17. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
Never have...don't think I would.

18. Can you whistle?
Not at all...ask my family!

19. Favorite color?

20. If you could, would you be a pirate?

21. What song do you sing in the shower?
Never think about singing when I'm in the shower...probably too busy running over my "to do" list in my head!

22. Favorite girl's name?
Caylie...of course!

23. Favorite boy's name?
Christian and Carson...of course!

24. What's in your pocket right now?
Cell phone and keys...pretty boring, huh?

25. Favorite bedsheets as a child?
Probably the SUPER soft flowery ones that I finally had to put out of their misery because they got so many holes in them! I hung on to them for way too long! Mom probably knows the ones I'm talking about! :)

26. Worst injury?
Broken arm from doing our home-cookin' obstacle course in my friend Heather's back yard in 6th grade! Didn't quite clear that picnic bench!

27. Do you love where you live?

28. How many tvs do you have in your house?
3...Den, Living Room, Our Room

29. Who is your loudest friend?
Our friend Ky, has a very loud laugh. Yep Ky, you made the big time! HIS laugh makes US laugh! :)

30. How many pets do you have?
Well, my kids still claim the sweet toy poodle, Macy, that lives at my mom's house. Mom is L-O-N-G term dog sitting the sweet little precious for us...and right now, we are short term dog sitting the sweet little precious for her...she is in my lap right now! Hi Macy!

31. Does someone have a crush on you?
Hopefully my husband still has at least a little bit of one, even though he knows the good, the bad, and the ugly! :)

32. What is your favorite book?
Purpose Driven Life...hands down!

33. What's your favorite candy?
Peanut Butter Cups!!! Oh Yeah!

34. Favorite sports team?
Razorbacks...but I'm not really a sports fan! I don't lose any sleep, no matter who wins! :)

35. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up?
Is little Carson going to let me make my bed and get ready before I go downstairs?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Getting off to a good start!

Yesterday, we decided to go spend a night with Corey's parents since we had some time on our hands. We weren't there long, but it was a nice visit. Carson got some good lap time with Nana, and Christian got to squeeze in some more time around the fire pit with Papaw, and work on his fire building skills. They even had a neighbor boy that was Christian's age, come over to roast marshmallows around the fire with them. He enjoyed making a new friend that he can hang out with when he visits!

Today, after a nice breakfast with Nana and Papaw, the kids went with Papaw to look for Indian artifacts in a field...Christian loves that kind of stuff, he found a piece of flint. Caylie is usually up for the adventure...unless the girls are going shopping of course...anyway, no big treasures were found today, but they did have fun.
After they got back, we packed up and headed to Hot Springs...but on the way, we made a pit stop at a playground at DeGray Lake.
Caylie posing for pics...
Carson watching Corey skip rocks...

In Hot Springs, we toured one of the historic bath houses on Bath House Row. I had gone through one of them several years ago, but is was still interesting to see just what people came from far and wide to experience back in the day...
The kids thought that they might like to try out one of those luxury baths! :)

It is so strange to see the hot water coming up from the was so hot that it was making steam!

We took a little walk down the sidewalk...

To get to the Arlington Hotel! Corey and I used to go walk around that hotel when we were in college. Corey said that we even danced in the lobby with an orchestra one night! I remembered that they had dancing in the lobby, but sure didn't remember participating...pretty cool...wish I could remember!

Anyway, I had heard that they had a huge gingerbread house in the lobby, and they sure did! It was fascinating...very detailed, and very BIG...maybe 6 or 7 feet tall!

Carson wasn't real sure what he thought about this Nutcracker Man, but he was at least interested!
I don't guess that we will get in any more of these "fun days" before life gets back to normal, but we sure have enjoyed the ones that we've had!
Hope you have made some time to squeeze in some fun memories too!
Writing the Waves,

Happy New Year!

Well, we are soaking up out last couple of free days before school routines bring us back to reality. We have enjoyed the lack of routine, and have had lots of fun times over the Christmas break.

Here are some pics of our 2nd Christmas...with my mom and sister, several days after spending "real" Christmas with Corey's side of the family this year. It was lots of fun!
Carson was in rare form...very much the entertainer for the night with his new "mikeyphone"!
Christian had asked Mimi for a really soft brown blanket for Christmas this year, and she delivered in a big way...he was a very happy camper! She had his name put on it and everything! I've tried to fight him for it a couple of times...once I begged my way into getting to take a nap with it...heavenly! He better keep his eyes on that!
My wonderful mom and sister...Jeanna was in from the DC area for a Christmas visit! :)
Caylie loved the personalized, satin backed pillow (has to have a "cool" side to sleep on!) that Mimi made for her!
Mimi also made Carson a new blanket...he is one blanket addicted little guy...can't cope with life without one of his 3 or 4 blankets made by Mimi! Hope he outgrows that before kindergarten! For now, it is super cute!

For New Years Eve, we had some of our good friends come over to hang out. We have spent the past few New Years Eves with them, and always have fun!
Our girls are the same age, and their son and Christian are the same age, so it works out well. We had chili, and lots of good snacks! The moms worked on scrapbooks, and the dads watched football. The kids bounced around from watching the big Las Vegas motorcycle jump, to playing Wii, to running around outside, etc., etc.! The dads even took the kids to the front yard for some bottle rocket maybe that part was a little questionable, but they sure had fun, and our nice neighbors didn't even call the cops on us! :)

Carson had been put to bed earlier in the evening, but I think he realized that he was missing out on something, because soon before midnight, he woke up! We let him come downstairs and celebrate the New Year with us. Of course, he had no idea what all of the commotion was about, but he knew that it was fun! He was hamming it up, and loving every minute of it.
Watching the NYC countdown.....
Happy New Year!!!

Hope you had a fun New Year's Eve, and that you will have a GREAT 2009!

Writing the Waves,

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