Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day at Lake DeGray

For Labor Day this year, we decided to spend the day on DeGray Lake with Corey's parents. We do not own a boat, but we love to rent one a time or two each year, and head out to enjoy the water!

Here, Caylie and Carson are relaxing on the tube.

Corey's mom took this picture of our family swimming in the lake.

The water was absolutely perfect!

Corey's dad, Papaw, is never one to miss out on the fun, so here he is diving off of the top of the party barge! He would dive under, and stay under as long as he could...scaring us all to death...just for fun! Corey and Christian aren't the first in the family to love pulling pranks!

Caylie jumping off of the top of the party barge...

Christian showing off his dive...

Carson jumped off the the barge for the first time. He only jumped from the ground floor, not the top, but he loved it! He did it over, and over, and over again!

Here is Nana relaxing in the sun.

Christian loves knee boarding!

Showing off with only one hand! :)

Caylie knee boarding...she enjoyed the tube more, but did get up on the knee board a couple of times.

Christian loves to have someone throw a ball for him to catch as he jumps off of the top of the boat. He's pretty good at it!

My two guys, enjoying the good life! :)

Christian and Carson tubing together!

It was such a fun day out on the water! We just love hanging out on the lake!

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