Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clinton Museum Space Exhibit

Today Christian and I headed out to see the temporary space exhibit at the Clinton Museum.

Part of our curriculum this semester, is the Apologia study on space, so we thought that this would be an interesting field trip.

The first stop that we made was the simulator shown below. The concept was that the "chair" Christian was strapped into hovered slightly above the floor, and after directing it over to the wall (with some help from the assistant), he was to perform a set of tasks...similar to some that an astronaut might do. Christian said that this activity was just "okay".

Next, we went into the exhibit room to see the display of various items that have actually been used by astronauts on space missions. This area was pretty interesting.

There were many fascinating displays that we read about and learned new things from.

Our last stop before leaving, was the MAT (Multi-Axis Trainer) simulator. It was a wild ride, for sure! It spun in every direction, with totally random timing. I tried to load a video, but my computer didn't cooperate, so you will just have to use your imagination!

I couldn't believe that Christian had the stomach to do it two times!

He LOVED it!

It was both a fun AND educational day! I am so happy that we are homeschooling! :)

Writing the Waves,


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