Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hannah's Hope 5K

This morning, Caylie ran in the first annual Hannah's Hope 5K in Bentonville. It was a children's cancer benefit, and it was a great race!

The weather was perfect for a 5K...nice and mild, and the location was beautiful! We were thrilled to find a playground located right beside the running path, so Carson was a happy camper while we waited for Caylie!

Caylie's goal was to beat her previous time of 29:45, and beat it...she did! She finshed in 27:27!

Below is the video that I took of her crossing the finish line!

The happy runner!

Caylie was thrilled to win a ribbon for placing 1st in her age division! Here she is receiving her award...

I think that Carson was kind of jealous...Caylie was nice enough to let him wear it for a little while!

Our little running girl...

Some of the participants in the race posed for a group picture after the awards had been given.

We really enjoyed our morning, and are looking forward to having a fun day. We'll do some shopping, then have lunch together, do some Razorback tailgating, and then Carson and I will come back to the hotel room while Corey, Christian and Caylie go watch the Hogs beat Georgia (hopefully)!

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Mich said...Best Blogger Tips

Way to go girl! Wish I could run, but just the idea of it makes me tired... :)

great pictures.

Roan said...Best Blogger Tips

Congrats Caylie! I am looking forward to hearing how your school year is going.

Melissa from the Blue House said...Best Blogger Tips

Long time no post!! Congrats to your runner. I know I couldn't do it...

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

I am always in awe of runners! Good for her.

Sorry the Hogs didn't pull out a win. Maybe this week.

Roan said...Best Blogger Tips

We have a safety net pool cover. We bought it from Jjimmy installed it with the help of his dad and the kids and me too. It took about 30 hours or so! It is a net that hooks on little hook thingys. It rolls up onto a reel when you want to swim, then you just roll it out and hook it when you are done. It takes about 1 minute to unhook it and roll it up, and about 3 minutes to rehook it when done. One person can do it alone, but it is much faster when it is 2 or more of us. We had an automatic pool cover until this spring. It worked kind of like a garage door. It was a solid vinyl that had a motor than pulled it over the pool (or off the pool) when I entered a code and held down the button located up high inside the laundry room. It was not installed correctly and broke completely after 4 years! We have also purchased from PoolGear a winter cover that we will install soon. It will keep the leaves out of the pool during the winter, but we will not remove it until spring.

I bought Olivia a HTML/XTML coding book from Barnes and Noble. It called something like Learn HTML in 24 hours. She just spends about 30 minutes a day working through the book. When she completes this book, she will work through and iPhoto book (also bought at B & N) and then a Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point book. I haven't bought those yet. She will earn a full credit in computer literacy this year. I tried the Alpha Omega lifepac computer courses, and they were terrible!
Have a great day!

CC said...Best Blogger Tips

So awesome!!! My son shows great potential as a runner. He's only 6 right now, but I hope he does things like this when he is a little older!

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