Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Last Stop Before Heading Home

Before heading home today, we made one last stop.

Often, when we go to Northwest Arkansas, we stop by a pizza/entertainment place that the kids really enjoy.

When we arrived, Christian headed straight for the bull ride! He gave the bull a run for the money, but eventually the bull won!

Carson found a school bus ride that was more his speed. I'm not sure where his shoes went between walking into the building, and getting on the school bus!

Corey is still a pretty mean shot when it comes to basketball!

And Caylie is not so bad herself...

A friendly race.

Caylie was old enough to ride alone, so it was Caylie against the boys. She is sticking her tongue out. Hmmm...does that mean that she is a sore loser?

Carson and I were the cheerleaders/photographers.

Back inside again, Caylie goes to town on the jump rope game...

Told you!

Christian got in on the action too!

After the kids turned in their tickets for prizes, we loaded up and headed home.

It was a great weekend!

Writing the Waves,


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