Friday, September 18, 2009

Road Trip...First Stop...Razorback V-Ball!

Tonight we arrived in Fayetteville for the weekend, just in time to catch a Razorback v-ball game.

As we entered the building, the Razorback mascot greeted Carson, but Carson was not sure what he thought about that Razorback! He didn't want to let go of Christian's hand!

He finally, cautiously, agreed to give the Razorback a high five.

After we settled in, and Carson had gotten more comfortable, Corey took him back to the Razorback to see if he would interact a little bit. Carson didn't want Corey to get out of reach at all!

Corey had a little bit of fun by walking in a circle around the Razorback, and watching Carson chase after him...he was NOT going to be left alone with that Razorback!

The big kids and I were watching and recording it from our seats and laughing at how funny he was! :)

It was a fun night, and we all had a good time.

After the game, we settled into our hotel for the night.

We had an early morning coming!

Writing the Waves,


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