Monday, August 10, 2009

Carson's 3rd Birthday Party

Carson is 3!

Earlier in the week, we celebrated Carson's 3rd birthday with his 3 little buddies. Addie, Rachel and Will. They have been fun little playmates that he has really enjoyed spending time with, and their families are all friends of ours.

Mom came over and helped me quickly pull things together for his little buddies and their families to come hang out in the front yard, and have a very casual (but fun!) Sesame Street birthday party. It was a very laid back party. The adults sat around and visited, and the kids ran around and played in the yard. The main attraction was the Slip and Slide that Corey and Christian had set up!

Carson liked his fun Sesame Street birthday cake from Mickey's cake shop! Mickey's has done our family birthday cakes for years and years. There have been a very few exceptions here and there, when I have tried my hand at cake decorating, but I must say, Mickey's has me beat!

Here he is just checking it out!

Ready to dig in!

Here is the birthday boy sporting some cool shades and his whistle necklace hanging down over that cute little poochy belly. Talk about handsome! That's my little stud muffin!

While the Slip and Slide was lots of fun, the pinata was a pretty big hit too!
It was quite a battle for the kids to get it to break apart, but after many, many hits...
Christian swung the final blow, and the candy came pouring out!

Caylie did some of her photo editing on this picture of Christian breaking open the pinata!
Daddy wouldn't let a perfectly good pinata hat go to waste now, would he?

As we were winding things up, the kids played "Pin The Nose On Elmo"...some were much more accurate than others!

Our wet little birthday boy enjoyed opening up the nice cards and gifts that he was given before his friends headed home.

It was a fun evening, and when it was over, Carson was worn out from running around and playing so much!

We are so glad that you had a happy birthday sweet little Carson! You have added so much joy to our family for the last 3 years! We can't begin to imagine our family without you. You have brought many smiles, many laughs, and lots and lots of sweet cuddles and kisses! We all hate seeing the time fly by, and often talk about wanting to freeze or rewind the clock so that we can keep enjoying "Baby Carson", but at the same time, we sure love the fun little guy that you are becoming! We enjoy you so much! The next year will bring so many changes! You will be so different by the time we celebrate your 4th birthday. So here we's going be a fun ride!

Writing the Waves,


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