Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hanging With Our Friends

This morning, my sweet friend Teresa called to see if Corey and I could join her and Ky, her husband, for dinner tonight.

Ky and Teresa are some of our very best friends, and have been for many years. Aren't they cute?
Corey and Ky have been friends since high school, and Teresa and I have been friends since college.

Right after Corey and I graduated from college and got married, we fixed Ky and Teresa up on a blind date.

This is the short version of the story...

Ky was hanging out with us, and my friend, Nancy, at our apartment back in 1991. Nancy and I decided to call, and invite...ok, force...Teresa to come over and play cards with us. Teresa and the guy she had been dating had recently broken up, and we thought that she needed a distraction. Nancy and I told her that we were on our way to pick her up from her parent's house, and then without acknowledging Teresa's protests, we hung up the phone, and headed out to get her.

That night was the beginning of a romance that has now resulted in a long marriage, 4 fun little boys, and 1 sweet little girl!

I'm so glad that we didn't listen to Teresa's protests...and I think that she is too!

Corey and I love taking the credit for that match!

Here is a picture of us tonight...enjoying the good company!

I keep trying to get Teresa to start a blog, because she has sooo many interesting things to write about, but so far, I haven't had any luck. With 5 kids, I guess she thinks that maybe she is too busy or something...can't imagine why!

Anyway, we got together at Cantina Laredo tonight...without our 8 kids...and enjoyed a night of just hanging out and having fun. After dinner, Teresa and I hit a couple of shops, while the guys talked some more, and then it was time to head back home.

It had been a while since we had gotten to do that, and we all said that we are going to have to make it a priority to do it more often.
Teresa and me before heading home...
Here's to the next time Ky and Teresa!
Y'all are the best!

Writing the Waves,


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

You and Corey look great!

Before we moved, we had a couple that we double dated with almost every Friday night. Sometimes it's hard to find couples to play with where everyone gets along with everyone else. We felt so blessed to have our friends. This post made me grateful for those fun date nights and eager for another one next time we're in town with them.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...Best Blogger Tips

That's so cool that you fixed them up!!!!

I always loved Teresa. You are both beautiful...haven't changed ONE BIT.

I wish she'd start a blog. You can totally tell her I said that too.

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