Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Cute Little Guy Gets A Haircut

A few weeks back, we took Carson to this cute little place, Pigtails and Crew Cuts, to get his hair cut. It is a chain, and we just recently got one here.

They had toys for the kids to play with while they waited, and then when it was time for them to get their hair cut, they offered bubbles to blow, suckers suck, and videos to watch.

What more could a kid ask for?

Carson got to pick out what kind of vehicle he wanted to sit in for his haircut...a firetruck, a rocket, a taxi, a motorcycle, etc

He chose the firetruck.
Is this little guy cute or what?!
I wonder if he knows how cute he is?!
He enjoyed it, and I got some cute pics out of the deal...a good deal all involved! :)
Writing the Waves,


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

We had a place like that when we lived in Hawaii and we LOVED it! Blake used to ask to get a haircut.

Thanks for passing on the fun blogs and the prayer request. We'll add that sweet baby to our list here at home.

Roan said...Best Blogger Tips

I would have her warm up by walking then slowly jogging for at least 10 minutes before the race starts. She should complete her warm up about 5 minutes before start time, then get in the line up.
Let me know how she does!

Mich said...Best Blogger Tips

Love the pictures. I needed a place like that when my son was little...he would scream everytime we went to get his hair cut.

Thanks for the plug and your ideas.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...Best Blogger Tips

I found a place for Will to get his haircut where he gets to play video games while the stylist cuts it. Awesome!

Looks like a fun place and I love the name!

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