Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Recap

While my dad was in town, we had planned to hit the yard sales bright and early on Saturday, but after just a couple of sales, we realized that we were more interested in driving around the old neighborhoods full of gorgeous houses and looking at all of the beautiful flowers that were out in full bloom. I think that they must have been at the peak, and it was sooo pretty!

I know...I'm getting old.

Later in the day, since it was so pretty outside, we all drove to the big pedestrian bridge, to take a walk.
Caylie decided to get her jog in, and logged in a couple of miles, while the rest of us took it at a much slower pace. We made quite a line up, with mom's dog, dad's dog, and our a stroller!

Toward the end, my mom's dog, Macy, pooped out, and had to hitch a ride with Carson!

We stopped at the dog park for a few minutes before we headed back.

Here is Caylie with our newest addition...Lucy!

Saturday night, at mom's house, we all dyed Easter eggs together, and the kids enjoyed that...especially Carson. Although we told him to put the eggs GENTLY into the cups, he just loved plopping them in, and watching the splash. Also, he would put the same egg into probably every single cup of dye just because he was having fun, and wanted to keep the action going!

Dad and Christian got the fire going for the burgers and hot dogs...really got it going!

When we got back home, we all shifted into high gear to get things ready for our big Easter traditions...a "fancy" breakfast, and then an extended family potluck after church. (Our "fancy" breakfast includes paper plates, and plastic forks...but still!)

We prepped the food, and Caylie got the table all decked out. She did a great job!

Corey's parents arrived late that night after returning from a wedding in Tennessee. I think we finally all headed to bed, exhausted, around midnight.

We woke up on Easter morning, to a very cold, and rainy day.

Not exactly what we would have planned, but, we still knew that we would enjoy the day.

The kids came downstairs, and got to see their Easter baskets, and we all had a nice breakfast together before church. Mom was working in the church nursery for the first service, so she couldn't join us.
Carson had to snag some candy before we headed off to church!

After an AWESOME church service, we all returned to our house, along with Corey's sister, Kinley and her family, for our big Easter lunch.

We had lots of good food, and enjoyed visiting,watching golf, napping, playing dominos, etc. Carson, and his cousin Jackson, had fun playing trains...for a little while...until Carson started tearing up the tracks, and then it was all down hill!

It was a fun weekend for us.

Hope it was for you too!

Writing the Waves,


Mich said...Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like good family fun.

Melissa said...Best Blogger Tips

We took a camping trip to Little Rock last year and walked this bridge!
Just wanted to say thanks for praying for my Annie. :)

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