Thursday, April 16, 2009

Community Group Retreat

Since things around here are kind of uneventful right now, I need to play catch up on some blogging. It is a very welcome change of pace to not have somewhere we have to be almost every night of the week!

When we get really busy, I tend to drop the ball, and not get around to blogging about some of the fun stuff that goes on.

I have finally accepted the harsh reality that I will always be hopelessly behind on scrapbooking, so rather than allow my children to completely forget their childhoods, since I never seem to do much of anything with the pictures we take, I am planning to allow my blog to become a yearly scrapbook.

My goal is to print my blog at the end of the year, for us to enjoy looking back on.

In late February, our church community group went to Branson, and stayed in a BEAUTIFUL
7 bedroom lodge on the lake. It was cold outside, but we had an awesome fireplace to keep us warm, and with an entire wall of windows, we could still enjoy the sunsets over the lake!

One thing that was especially nice, was to see the guys taking over kitchen duty! Gotta love that!

Our neighbor Tammy brought along little Aaron for us all to enjoy over the weekend. He was the best little guy you could ask for! I don't think that he ever fussed!

Although the girls and guys split up for a while on Saturday to get out and about a for a little while, we all still had lots of time to just visit and relax. Here's Corey taking it easy, enjoying the good life!
On Saturday night, after a good dinner, we had a great time of sharing. Rodney led us, and it was a perfect time to get caught up with what everyone had going on. Our group has experienced a lot over the last year, and it was nice to have some time away to really talk.

After all of that talking, we were ready to celebrate Tammy's birthday, and help her eat some birthday cake! Doesn't she look cute in the pink scarf that the girls gave her?

This is a view of just how soaring the lodge was. There were 4 floors in the main house, plus a great little apartment over the garage! We couldn't have asked for a better place to spend our time together. We had plenty of room to gather, and also, plenty of room to get away for some quiet time.
This is the view of the lake from the deck. I loved watching the sunset in the evening. It was sooo beautiful!
Here we are right before packing up and heading home. It was an awesome time together, and I think that we all came home feeling refreshed, and knowing that we had grown closer as a group.
Writing the Waves,


Mich said...Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like a great time with friends!

I totally understand...I'm behind on my scrapbooks too. Who has the time?!!!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

That place is GORGEOUS! Maybe that can be my retirement house. I love weekends like that.

Oh, and I played the flute, too! And I forgot to play while I was marching, too! Thanks for geeking out with me! (I never one time participated in Tiger Traks and was so thankful when I joined OSF so I had a good excuse not to. Never played an intramural sport either.)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...Best Blogger Tips

That is SO great that you got away like that...and that place is gorgeous!

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