Friday, January 23, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

Yesterday after Jeanna's IV treatment, we all loaded up and went out for a drive.

Our family lived in the DC area from the time I was in 8th grade until I graduated from High School, and then they moved to Heidelberg, Germany while I was in college, and then back to the DC area for a couple of years after I graduated from college.

Anyway, last night we went and took a look at all of the houses that we had lived in. There were three. It brought back lots of memories for all of us. I wanted to take some pictures, but it was dark...maybe another time. :(

We ended the evening in of the fun, more "happening" areas of DC, and ate at an old favorite. Clyde's restaurant in Georgetown Park (a mall). See that little area in the middle of the mall? Well, back in the 80's, Goldie Hawn filmed part of a movie there, and her character passed out right in the middle of her salad that that little area. Fascinating. Just a little tidbit that I remember from my high school days. Good Stuff.

Clyde's is the restaurant that my family, and my friend Miriam's family ate at right after my high school graduation ceremony. I don't think it has changed much...I even remembered where we sat that long, long ago! :)

While I love visiting such a fun, exciting city. I am glad to be doing just that...visiting.

I think our little slice of life in Arkansas is more my style. I am by no means, a country girl, but a small city girl is a perfect description. I love having access to the things and places that I want/need, when I want/need them, but don't love the crazy traffic, etc., etc., etc., that goes along with big city living.

I guess that is a good thing since I'm now an Arkansas girl, and not DC girl, huh?

Writing the Waves,


Faith said...Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE visiting DC! It's such a neat city.

Thanks so much for stopping by. So glad you want to play along in the letter tag. How about the letter "N"? Have fun!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...Best Blogger Tips

I can SO relate..moving from Milwaukee to NC. Big change, but know we are right where our family belongs. What a fun trip back down memory lane. When we go "home" to visit, we'll have to do this as well.

Susie Harris said...Best Blogger Tips

Always fun to go down memory lane. Where does the time go? My husband is from Arkansas and I love to go back and visit his family. It's such a nice state my Mom packed it up and moved there too.

Becky said...Best Blogger Tips

I was based in Baltimore for three and a half years and I'm with you. I'll take a laid back and slower life anytime over the hustle, bustle!

Have a GREAT weekend!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...Best Blogger Tips

I've never been to DC. John took a group of senior adults from our church when I was pregnant with Sarah, but I opted out seeing as how I was about 36 weeks along.

We live in a small town outside of Co Springs. I love that I have access to the city (and Denver is less than an hour away) but still enjoy some small town amenities.

Glad you got to walk down memory lane. I think memory is so powerful!

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