Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Fun Day With Mom!

Well, yesterday was a fun day that I always look forward to at this time of the year...Holiday House! It is the Junior League's Christmas shopping blowout, and it is always so much fun. Mom and I have gone together for years, and although we usually don't buy very much, (in fact, this time, I didn't buy anything) we just love looking at the fun, creative gifts and tasting all of the yummy treats that they hand out!

After Holiday House, was Caylie's big opening night! We are taking turns going to different shows since there will be so many performances, so mom and I got to wrap up our fun time together at the theatre! It was great! When the cast sang "Oh Happy Day", I just lost my breath! Mom and I were both so proud! Mom bought Caylie one of her very favorite treats after the show...a strawberries and creme frap from Starbucks!

Here she is with some of her friends from the show...

Remember me saying in my last post, that maybe Caylie's 2nd "pre-performance" would be better than the first? Well, I guess that turned out to be kind of true. The audience was apparently the least of their problems that night...because TWELVE...yes, TWELVE of the cast members got sick...and we're not talking about the, "Oh, I don't feel quite right" sick. We're talking about the real deal, not kidding around kind of sick, during the performance! Caylie said that some escaped on time, while others barely made it off stage before...well, you know. That poor clean up crew! Fortunately, Caylie was not one of the twelve, and I'm hoping that she will prove to have what seems to be my natural resistance to that kind of thing! I'll keep you posted!
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Corey said...Best Blogger Tips

Wow, what an awesome way to keep track of our 5 c's! What would I do without my creative, detailed wife! Love, Corey

mer@lifeat7000feet said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh my awful for those sick kids!

I've never been to Holiday House, but have always wanted to go. I may have missed my window of opportunity seeing as how I'm logistically challenged!

Glad you had a fun day with your mom!

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