Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Already Want A Facelift...For My Blog!

Well, I love having this blog up and running, but to tell the truth, it's driving me crazy that I don't have one of the awesome, scrapbook style, custom layouts that so many bloggers have.

As far as digital work goes, I recently switched from paper scrapbooking for our family to, just to simplify and streamline, but it is very simple templates, not the fun, creative layouts that I am now wanting to do. It was just fast, which is what wanted at the time.

I have actually done a lot of work in photoshop, but it has been all photo manipulation and layout...not bringing in background papers, new fonts, etc., etc... like I want to do now. I go on sites like, and I get so excited as I see all of the great digital scrapbook kits, and I feel sure that if I could get that into my "photoshop area", that I could figure it out, but that is where I am stumped.

I will have to be on a mission until I get it figured out...someone should really teach classes on this stuff! :) Wish me luck...

Writing the Waves,


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