Thursday, November 6, 2008

Well, let's get started...

Well, Corey is out on the road with his partner today, and should be back soon. He is excited about both his new business partner, and their new business brokerage, and for that, we are sooo thankful! We feel blessed that he is getting to do something that he loves, and are hopeful that it will thrive.

Over the last few days, I've had at least one sick kiddo home from school, and today, they are all back up and running. Carson has a lingering cough, but it doesn't seem to be anything to worry about. He spent half of the night in bed with us, which I actually LOVE, but worry that it could end up backfiring pretty quickly. We rationalized that since he had a cough, and couldn't sleep, that we could flex a little bit. BUT, after the cough is gone little buddy, ya can't keep camping out in our bed...Daddy unfortunately, isn't as much of a co-sleeping fan, and spent half of the night on the sofa!

Caylie has her 2nd night of "pre-performance" for her musical theatre program tonight. Last night was the first pre-performance, and it was done for a tough audience apparently. (The pre-performances are done for various local organizations.) She said that some of the teenagers on the front row, looked like they couldn't have been more bored...even when the cast was sitting on the edge of the stage right in front of them! I guess it is just an example of how you can't always count on being praised for what you do, even if you put your heart into it! Maybe tonight will be better, and then the REAL opening night is tomorrow night, so I know that will offer the cast a bigger boost!

Yesterday, Christian had a little bit of a scare! He and some friends were playing in the driveway with a golf ball...they bounced the golf ball really hard, and it popped up and hit the mirror of the car, shattering it into pieces! He immediately came in and told us about it, and offered to pay for it, telling us over and again how it was just an accident. While we knew that it wasn't earth shattering, we told him that we would have to think about how we would handle it. We said that he should have known better than to be bouncing a hard golf ball right beside the car. I couldn't help but throw in this very "mom" comment..."Now, if someone is driving dangerously, and they have an 'accident', is it really an accident?" Christian seemed to get the point right away, but we still told him that we would have to think about it. A little later, after dinner, we told him that we would not ask him to pay for it this time, but that we hoped that he would be more careful from now on. I think we played our cards right. He was oh, so relieved, and thankful for not having to dish out the dough to pay for it, but I'm sure he will think twice before he starts bouncing golf balls around again!

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