Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Fresh New Blog Design

You may have noticed that my blog has had a makeover,
and I am LOVING it!

I posted here and here with some great blog design tutorials,
but eventually realized that it would take me
more hours than I had available,
to learn enough to do what I wanted to have done.

I searched high and low, and finally found just the girl for me.
has been a dream to work with...seriously!
I really think that I happened across a jewel!
Not only has she done a beautiful job, and for a reasonable price, she has done it very quickly!
That is everything that you could ask for, all in one package!

She even got my recipe blog connected to my main blog up there in the navigation bar
(and gave it a great little redesign too),
so now maybe I will pay more attention to the poor little thing!  

Take a look!

I really hope that you will click over to her site, and take a look around.

Maybe she can help you with a thing or two...or ten!


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