Friday, September 10, 2010

Ups and Downs of Life

Last weekend, we headed to Fayetteville to enjoy some fun time together.

When we arrived on Saturday, Caylie and I dropped the boys off at the U of A campus, where they mingled with the enthusiastic Razorback fans for a little while. Carson was sooo excited about getting to be a part of the Razorback scene! We came back before game started, and picked up Carson so that Corey and Christian could have some good "guy time" while watching the game.

After eating a delicious, gluten-free dinner at Carino's, Caylie, Carson, and I headed to our hotel to relax. Carson went to bed, and then we watched "Legally Blonde", while playing Speed Scrabble during the commercials! It was fun, and laid back...just what we were in the mood for!

We woke up the next morning, and went to a REALLY cool place called "Fast Lanes". It had bowling, go-carts, an arcade, putt-putt, laser tag, and a little restaurant! We chose to do glow in the dark bowling, and had a great time! It was lots of fun to watch Carson get so excited when he, or anyone else, knocked down some pins!

When we left Fast Lanes, the guys gave Caylie and me some "girl time". They dropped us off at a really nice outdoor shopping center, where we chilled out in the book store, ate at PF Chang's, and then did a little bit of shopping. I love hanging out with Caylie!

The guys picked us up after a few hours, and we all went to see, "Ramona and Beezus". It was a really cute movie that we could all enjoy. Carson is still talking about Ramona, and the mischievous adventures that she got into!

Next stop, the park. We found a nice little park, where Carson could run and play. It was pleasant weather, and so we just hung out for a while.

When we got back into the car to head back to the hotel, we started getting word from people at church, that the leader of our preschool ministry at church, had suffered sudden heart failure, and fallen off of a ladder, while painting a room at the church, was not breathing, and was being rushed to the hospital. We stopped and prayed for her right then, but quickly learned that she had passed away.

This was traumatic news for our family. Carson loved Ms. Mary dearly, and always ran to her for a hug when he saw her in the hall at church. We loved her for the wonderful way she reached out to him, and us, when we started attending our church!

Ms. Mary had her hands in so many things! She was also one of the leaders of the homeschool organization that covers Central Arkansas. If you wanted to know anything about homeschooling, you talked to Mary! She was one of the first people that I talked to after we decided to homeschool.

She leaves behind her husband, and 3 children, the youngest is her sweet 16 year old daughter that is in Caylie's grade. Mary has always homeschooled her children.

The news about Mary knocked us off of our feet, and we went back to the hotel to process through the loss of this special friend.

Mary's memorial service was this morning. It was a beautiful celebration of her remarkable life, with more people attending, than could be seated in the sanctuary.

Corey wrote the following poem, as a tribute to Ms. Mary, and her precious ministry to children. The poem was read at the service.

A Tribute to Ms. Mary (By Carson dad...Mr. Corey)

A Voice For The Children

She touched so many, who can't understand,
The ones on her hip, the ones on her hand.

They called her Ms. Mary, but just those who could talk,
They all felt her love, before they could walk.

She led a small army, a commander of love,
hundreds of soldiers, guided from above.

They all felt her care, and knew it was real,
They all knew her love, so warm you could feel.

Many are now older, and mourn on this day,
this love for Ms. Mary, it won't go away.

The ones that are little, the ones in her class,
they can't understand, and the questions they'll ask.

The parents, we grieve, we know what a loss,
we answer their questions, in bed we all toss.

In time we'll all know, why it happened this way,
it's all in His plan, we'll continue to pray.

The children she touched, her legacy alone,
Her passion unmatched, they'll feel when they're grown.

Ms. Mary they cherished, she helped them to see,
God's love for children, for you, and for me.

A woman of mercy, a gift from above,
I speak for the babies, an army of love.

Her time has slipped by, so precious it seems,
The children they sleep, Ms. Mary in their dreams.

But the children in Heaven, they rejoice on this day,
With arms raised to Ms. Mary, "Please hold me, come play!"

Writing the Waves,


Jennifer said...Best Blogger Tips

What a beautiful poem!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Wow. The world just got smaller. There's no way that this could be the same exact story happening this week to two different people could it?

I'm pretty sure that Mary's father-in-law was the pastor on staff of a church in South Carolina when my dad went there as the minister of music. Was one of Mary's children on a mission trip when this happened or away somewhere?

I'm so sorry about this loss for your church family.

Amanda said...Best Blogger Tips

This is such a sad story, Christi...everyone clearly loved this woman so much. I have heard so many wonderful things about her. So sorry for your loss.

I am seeing Corey at Asbury dropping off my Lainey on T/Th.


Grace is Gone said...Best Blogger Tips

I didn't know that he wrote that... The whole service I held it together but that poem made me cry for days. I know that you guys really love her, and it means a lot that you are showing that love.

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