Friday, September 3, 2010

Learning To Be Gluten Free

We found out today that Caylie is "gluten sensitive".

For a while now, she has been feeling fatigued, having headaches, and stomach pain. I have several friends that are gluten intolerant, and I wondered if that might be Caylie's problem as well. I started doing some research, and decided that she should be tested. After a three week wait, her test results arrived today.

Caylie's "anti-gliadin" measurement was 406 units. "Normal" is less than 10 units, and the lab usually measures up to 350 units. I called the lab to make sure it was not a mistake, and was told that occasionally someone just has an exceptionally high number, and Caylie is one of those exceptions.

The results require her to follow a "strict and permanent" gluten free diet, which is a big adjustment for most anybody...especially our little bread lover, but we know that she can do it.

A couple of weeks ago, Caylie started trying to adopt this way of eating, just to see if it helped, and she says that she can already tell that she feels better.

I was told by a well-informed friend today that we should also have her tested for the celiac gene, and if that comes back positive, that she should then have an intestinal biopsy to determine if she has celiac disease. To have this genetic test done, she would have got get back ON gluten for a few more weeks.

None of us were happy to hear that.

After experiencing the positive results from changing her diet, she is not looking forward to feeling badly again.

All of this is a lot for us to take in, and wrap our minds around. I am trying to take in as much information as I can, but there is so much out there, and honestly, much of it is conflicting!


I will be doing lots of internet research, reading books, and talking to as many people as I can to learn more about what we are stepping into with this new diagnosis.

What we are thankful for, is that we were able to quickly find the cause of Caylie's problems. Many people go undiagnosed with gluten sensitivity for years, while the damage to their body increases.

Also, we are thankful that her condition requires no medicine, only a change in diet. Yes, a big change, but still...we are thankful for that.

Writing the Waves,


mer@lifeat7000feet said...Best Blogger Tips

I have several friends with celiac and they've adapted so well! I know you guys will too. But I'm sorry. I know it will require a lot of thinking|planning|awareness on your part.

Do you have a Whole Foods or Wild Oats in LR? They have great gluten-free selections. I even noticed a section at my Walmart for gluten free stuff. I bet there are some blogs out there that have great recipes as well. You guys will get the hang of it in no time!

Hey, glad to hear that your sister is doing well! Enjoy your day. Go hogs go!

Jennifer said...Best Blogger Tips

I know that it's going to be such an adjustment for your whole family. Saying a prayer that it goes well!

Laura said...Best Blogger Tips

My husband has been GF for 11 years now and it really isn't that hard. We have a wonderful homemade white bread recipe and delicious muffin recipes also, among many others. We could not find a bread to buy that was any good. If you are interested, e mail me for the recipes!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Goodness, Christi! That's big news!

I, too, have several friends with celiac. They've told me that every year it gets a little easier to manage their disease because more and more gluten-free products become available that just weren't a few years ago.

It certainly will be an adjustment, but Caylie is blessed to have a mom who will be reading, researching, and learning all she can to make this as seamless a transition as possible.

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

I just saw somewhere that Elisabeth Hasselback has a Gluten-free book. Did you know that already?

Luke said...Best Blogger Tips

I have a wheat sensitivity myself. It was a rather major adjustment in the middle of college while swimming competitively and so requiring tons of carbs and such... but I managed. One thing my wife--girlfriend at the time--and I did was wander the grocery store and laugh at all the things I couldn't eat. "How about Wheat Thins?" ...sure, it was silly and immature, but it helped put things in a lighter mood and, inadvertently, gave us a foundation for knowing what has wheat and what does not.

My wife makes a killer pizza and some great bread. All is not lost, it just requires a lot more work.


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