Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mountain View

On Friday, we decided to take a road trip to Mountain View.

It was kind of a last minute thing, so when we left home, we had not made overnight arrangements.

On the way there, while I was asleep, Corey and the kids pulled out the iphone, did a search, and made arrangements for the night! When I woke up, and found out that it was a done deal, I was shocked! They kept me in suspense, and wouldn't tell me anything about where we would be for the night!

I must say...they did very well!

We arrived at the Inn At Mountain View, and I was impressed!

It was a beautiful Bed and Breakfast!

Here, I got a cute picture of Carson relaxing on the porch swing as Corey and the older kids get checked in.

After unloading our bags, we went outside for a while. Carson enjoyed the tire swing, and Caylie got down on the ground to get a creative shot of him!

Then she took a turn!

As I said, the grounds were beautiful! Here is Carson dipping his feet in the water by the little waterfall.

We spent some time visiting with the owners of the inn, and found out that they were also entering into their first year of homeschooling their teen daughter! It is amazing how many people we have run into that are also homeschooling, now that we are paying attention!

Later in the evening, we went out onto "the square" for some entertainment. Mountain View is very unique in that each weekend, the square fills up with folk musicians that gather into small groups, and play their various instruments. There were probably 10 groups of musicians scattered about. Tourists and townspeople then come to enjoy the free entertainment. It is really neat. Here is one of the groups that we listened to for a while.

When we came back to the inn, we took advantage of the fun family room. Christian loved the video games!

The boys really enjoyed the Foosball table and playing checkers. I challenged Christian to a game of checkers too, showing him how it's really done! :)

Below, I am attempting to relax on the couch with a magazine while Corey and Christian play checkers, but little Carson was so fascinated with his new surroundings, that my magazine reading was short-lived!

Here, Caylie and Carson are getting ready for bed. We had a suite that included this room, and another smaller bedroom. We had to play an exhausting game of "musical beds" before we successfully got Carson calmed down for the night. He was just NOT sleepy!

The next morning, we were treated to a delicious breakfast with the other guests. I can't believe that I didn't get any pictures of that!

Before leaving the inn, the kids spent a little more time playing outside...then we were off again for our next adventure!

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That place looks absolutely beautiful!

Hope homeschooling is going well!

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