Monday, July 13, 2009

Blanchard Springs

On Saturday, we drove from Mountain View to Blanchard Springs.

Our first stop was Blanchard Springs Caverns. As we were preparing to begin the tour, Corey and I told the kids that this could be considered our first homeschool field trip if they could pay close attention to the tour guide, and then recall ten interesting facts that they learned along the way. They both really listened and made a point to remember things that we were being told as we were led through the amazing caverns.

Pictures can NOT do justice to this beautiful place. It was awesome! Although Carson made it a little bit challenging at times, we all really enjoyed the tour so much!

Here, Corey and the kids take in the scenery as the guide tells about the caverns.

Right before we were led out, I had everyone pose for a picture...Carson clearly had other things in mind!

When we left the caverns, the kids told us the ten facts that they had remembered. We were impressed! It is amazing how much they were able to recall by really paying focused attention during the tour!

Next, we headed out for a swim. The water was REALLY cold, which kept Caylie and me close to the side with Carson. The ground was very rocky under the water, so our feet were killing us. It forced us to stay pretty still!

Although Carson stayed in the shallow water with us, he did NOT try to stay dry! He was "swimming" like a big boy, and loving it!

Corey and Christian didn't let the temperature hold them back! They headed over to the rocks, and we all cheered as Christian bravely jumped time and time again!
After a refreshing swim, we changed into our dry clothes and headed back home.

It was a great weekend trip!

Writing the Waves,


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