Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brother's Day

One day last week, while Caylie headed to the pool with a friend, Christian, Carson and I decided that we would go to the Museum of Discovery.

We called it "Brother's Day".

One of the activities for the kids, was an area where they could put together their own little cars. They both enjoyed that. Of course, Carson didn't make a lot of progress on his car, but he liked trying!

Here they lit up the different light bulbs by "shooting" at them.

In this next picture, a blue ball was projected onto the screen, and it actually reacted to the kid's motions. They could push it up, or down, etc.. At times, it would start " raining" lots of little blue balls, like a shower, and Christian would hold out his hands to catch them. They would land in his hand, and then flow out toward the ground.

They both thought that this was pretty cool.

Christian was very impressed with this long rod that would swing around the table. Because of it's angle, it would swing right through the curved cut-out in the plexiglass.

There was an area that focused on health, so Christian and I both took a blood pressure test.

Here, Christian is making Carson laugh by shooting him with the air blower that a dentist uses.

This fun test measured Christian's reaction time. He did it many times, always trying to get just a little bit faster.

I impressed Christian with my flexibility on this test! My results actually placed me into a much younger age group than I am really in! :)

Love it when that happens!

After finishing up at the museum, we walked over to get some Mexican food at the River Market.

The River Market food court area has had a major upgrade, and is sooo cool looking now. It used to be kind of cramped and dark feeling, but now it is bright, open and airy! They have put in colorful umbrella tables and chairs, gigantic trees in big colorful pots and done a LOT to update it!

The food was yummy too!

As we headed back to the car, we were talking about what a fun day it had been!

I LOVED my day with these two great brothers! :)

Writing the Waves,


Mich said...Best Blogger Tips

You are such a fun mommy!

Looks like a fun place to go.

Melissa said...Best Blogger Tips

Looks like a fun day! We have a museum like that here in our town...my kids would probably love a trip too!

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