Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break Trip To Nana And Papaw's

Yesterday we headed out to visit Corey's parents about an hour away. We had borrowed their camper for our camping trip earlier in the week, and it was time to return it. Corey suggested that we just make it an overnight trip since we didn't have any other plans.

We arrived (as did Corey's sister and her family) soon before dinner. We enjoyed a good meal together, and then the men played games, while the women (Caylie included), watched American Idol. I have not followed it this season, so I didn't really have strong opinions about any of the singers, but being from Arkansas, I jumped on the Chris Allen bandwagon with everyone else! I must say...the guy can sing! Our two boys, and Corey's sister's boys all just played around the house. Occasionally Carson and their youngest son would have a little spat, but overall, they did pretty well.

We let Carson stay up WAY past his bed time! He was going to sleep in the bed with me upstairs, and we knew that there was NO WAY that we could put him in an open bed (not a baby bed), and have him stay put and go to sleep with all of the commotion that was still happening all through the house. It was probably 10pm before we went upstairs to go to bed, and oh, maybe MIDNIGHT before he went to sleep!!! Aagh! I couldn't believe that he wasn't winding down when it was already so far past his bed time. Usually at home, in his bed, he is out like a light the minute his head hits the pillow! Even after going to sleep, he had a very restless night, so now that we are back at home, and he is down for his nap, I'm expecting him to sleep for longer than usual!

Since we had to head out pretty early this morning for Corey to get back and do some work, Christian stayed behind to play with his cousin for a little longer in the treehouse that Papaw built for them. He loves that treehouse! They have so much fun playing in it, and on the zip line that Papaw also set up for them.

We are considering adding in one other short day trip before school begins again next week. Maybe we will head to Memphis to visit their fun zoo if we get a pretty day!


Mich said...Best Blogger Tips

It was good to hear back from you. I had found your blog on my sister's list of favorite blogs. We overlapped a little at school. My husband and I were there from 1989 - 1993. I worked in the Dean's office which means I saw a lot of faces and names. Glad you guys are doing well and as I said before, you have a beautiful family! :)

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