Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Christian Has A Blog!

My oldest son, Christian is 11. We are planning to begin homeschooling next year, and a daily blog entry about whatever he selects, is in my plan for him. I plan for him to print out what he blogs each day, and for us to edit it, and then for him to make the revisions the next day. I had mentioned this to him, and he LOVED the idea! He has asked me several times if we could go ahead and set it up, but I kept telling him that I wanted to wait, so that it would be something exciting to look forward to.

But...I caved!

He wore me down today!

I finally gave in and got him all set up. He has spent most of the day playing around on it, and learning about many of the features. We won't start the editing and revising process until we begin school next fall, so for now, it is just for fun!

His blog site is mycribbspace.blogspot.com. His nick name is Cribb (long story), so I think that it is a pretty appropriate title. Check in and see what he is up to whenever you have a chance!

Caylie also has a blog. She doesn't update it very often (look who's talking!), but hopefully she will
start checking in a little more regularly. Her site is livelovelaughcaylie.blogspot.com.

And while I'm plugging family blog sites, I might as well throw my husband's photography sites out there. Check him out at gillumweddings.blogspot.com, and gillumphotography.com.

Well, I think that we are all accounted for now, so I will move on the the next thing on my never ending list...laundry!

Writing the Waves,


Mich said...Best Blogger Tips

Hi Christi! i'm not sure but I think we might have gone to college together. Your name and picture from and older post look familiar. My husband and i met at OBU...anyway, your family is beautiful!

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