Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just Checking In

I haven't completely disappeared, I've just been busy. I decided that even though I don't have time to get all creative, and do a blog with pictures, and fun descriptions of all that my family has been up to lately, that at least I could check in with a 5 minute blog!

I have been consumed for the last few weeks with designing wedding albums. It is something that I have done from home for years, and is very time consuming. I like the creative part of it, but don't love having to feel so crunched for time. I have a couple of albums to get knocked out, and then hopefully I will have a life again.

Also, we have decided that we will homeschool Christian next year. I am excited about it, and he is too. I have been spending the free moments that I do manage to squeeze out, on researching and reading about homeschooling. It's really interesting. There is so much that I want to read about and find out about before we get started next year. I have also gotten to talk to some homeschool moms that have been at it for a while, and that is sooo helpful. Let me know if you have any pointers!

My sister is still in the hospital. She is expecting to get out on Friday...let's pray that things go as planned. She has been in the hospital for sooo long. My mom flew out to be with her again yesterday. This is mom's 3rd trip to DC since Christmas!

Christian and Corey are on a Scout camping trip tonight. Maybe they will take some pictures for me to post later. It is the first camping trip that they have done with Christian's Scout troop, and Corey said that it is really neat, and that Christian is learning lots of practical things.

Christian played his last Upward basketball game today. He has always done Upward Basketball, but next season, he will plan to join the homeschool team if he makes it. He is excited about that possibility. Corey coached his team this year, and said that Christian made lots of improvements this season. Yea!

Caylie is doing her final performance in her high school play tonight. She has really enjoyed it. It has been VERY time consuming, so she won't know what to do with all of the extra time that she will suddenly have after tonight!

Carson has started saying "Oh my dosh!" He puts his hands on his mouth when he says it. He is trying to say "Oh my gosh", but it is one of those things that is WAY too cute to correct, so we just laugh every time he says it!

Ok, I think I went a little over the 5 minutes that I had allowed, but at least I feel like I have done something that I have been wanting to do for a while now.

I feel much better!

Maybe this time, it won't be so long until I check back in!

Writing the Waves,


Amber said...Best Blogger Tips

We homeschooled for a little bit. It was amazing! We ended up going back to school, just because it was what the Lord was leading us to do at the time, but I pray every day that homeschooling is back in His Plan for us one day!

Glad that your sister is doing better.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm glad you're back, Christi!

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