Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winding Down A Fun Weekend!

Well, it's Sunday night. I am about to head to bed for a good night's sleep...unless Carson decides otherwise! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Caylie's party on Friday night was lots of fun. The house was as put together as I had hoped to have it before her guests arrived, despite a sick and fussy toddler hanging onto me for much of the day! :) I think the antibiotics are helping because although he still hasn't gotten his appetite back, and is fussier than usual, the fever is that!

The girls had fun, and Caylie said that she was so happy with how everything turned out! Yea! That's what a mom wants to hear! Take a look at some of the fun...

Gingerbread House Contest...they had so much fun with this...

And the results....

I guess they didn't get all of their creative energy out, because here is what happened to Carson when they got their hands on him...I don't think he minded though...he just loved having so many people fussing over him!

This was the scene the next morning...yes, there really are teenage girls in there somewhere!

After breakfast they had a LITTLE more life in 'em...

Christian just got back home from spending the night with Nana and Papaw. He always enjoys that, and while he is there, Papaw always finds something "outdoorsy" to teach him about that Christian finds so interesting. This time, Christian got to work on perfecting his fire lighting skills outside in the fire pit. He loves that stuff! Corey told Papaw that if Christian grows up to be an arsonist, that we will blame him! :)

Today Mimi did Caylie and me a big favor! Thanks Mimi! First of all, after church she took Caylie, Carson and me out for lunch (Corey was at real estate school, and Christian was with Nana and Papaw.), and then she took Carson to her house to give him a nap and let him play for a while, so that Caylie and I could have some girl time at the mall! FUN!!! That has been pretty rare for us lately, with Carson not being the ideal shopping buddy and all!

We spent the entire time in one store...Forever 21. It has great clothes and great prices! Caylie had her report card earnings as well as some baby sitting money with her, so she was armed and ready to go! We looked at everything...which in itself takes a long time at that store, and then she took the legal limit into the dressing room to try on!
In the end, she had to make the torturous decision about which things to buy, and which to say a sad goodbye to in the store! She decided on 4 great tops!

It was so much fun...I could do it again tomorrow...especially when she is paying!

Well, off to bed!

Writing the Waves,


mer@lifeat7000feet said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm so glad Carson is feeling better and that the party was fun for Caylie. You're right...that's what a mom wants to hear!

Girl time at the mall...I'm trying to decide if I think that's fun or not. :) It might not be for me (I'm SO not a shopper), but I'm glad you guys were able to spend the day together doing something enjoyable.

Becky said...Best Blogger Tips

Hi Christi; Thanks stopping by my blog. It's always great to meet another Arkansan. Lucky's is located in Bradford. Which is about 15 - 20 miles north of Searcy. Where are you located? We live in Newport.

I thinks it's neat that your kiddos have a Mimi and a Nana. I'm a Mimi and my grandsons also have a Nana!

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