Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Potty Training Fun

Well, my little guy turned 2 on August 10th. I had not really planned on getting into potty training just yet. With Caylie, my oldest, I rushed it, and it was a long, drawn out process, so with Christian, the next in line, I decided to just relax, and kind of play it by ear. It was sooo much easier...he was still potty trained before he was 3, just a little later than Caylie, and without the obsessiveness on my part! Good deal for all involved I thought!

With all of that said, I figured that with little Carson, we would wait until this this spring, when he would be a little older, and there would not be so many heavy layers of clothing to deal with, but I'm thinking he may have other plans. Somehow, he has decided that he kinda likes this whole "potty" thing.

I didn't really even talk it up to him, he just acted like he was "working on something" a couple of weeks ago...at Target (of course), and so I decided to take him to the bathroom just to see if we might be able to make it on time. I plopped him down on the toilet, and what do ya know, he did his thing (his BIG thing) right on cue! I clapped and fussed over him, a performance that I'm sure the lady and her son, waiting on the other side of the door enjoyed, and we waved bye-bye as he flushd his special delivery down the toilet!

Anyway, we are in the thick of it now. He has been going multiple times a day. He gets two animal cracker "pee pee treats" and/or "poo poo treats", which he REALLY looks forward to, and starts talking about before he even gets off of the potty! I'm sure that at Mother's Day Out, and church, he will have accidents, because as brilliant and exceptional as my little pumpkin is (no bias here!), he's not the most well spoken guy on the block, so I don't think anyone will have a clue what he is talking about when he asks to go! Oh well...it's a process!

I haven't bought Pull-ups yet, I guess I need to add that to my shopping list for the day!

Writing The Waves,


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mer@lifeat7000feet said...Best Blogger Tips

See...I told you you'd have plenty of stuff to blog about. Potty training is a most interesting subject. ;)

I'm proud of your little guy...it's so great when they take the initiative! I relate well to your story of potty training child #1 and #2...and yes, I totally intended for that to be "punny".

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