Thursday, March 29, 2012

Well, Hello Again...

And has been way too long.

I'm just going to act like it hasn't, and write about some of our most recent activities.  :)

We spent last week in Springfield, MO at the National Christian Homeschool Basketball Tournament.  There were thousands of homeschoolers there, and we had sooo much fun!  Corey's parents were able to attend with us, and that made it even more fun.

Christian's team did so well!  They ended up placing first in the 5A U14 boys division!  We were so proud of them, and soooo enjoyed watching the games and cheering for them.  It was so exciting!

On our way home from Springfield, we stopped to squeeze in a little bit more fun in Branson before calling it quits for Spring Break.

 The weather here has gotten so nice recently.

Yesterday, I took the boys to the park to do some school and have a little picnic.  I just love how fresh, green and colorful everything is in the spring!

Although it is really still too cool for the kids to start swimming, they always start wanting to jump in the pool and play around as soon as spring comes around.  Both boys have already played around in our pool, in very short little spurts, several times!


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