Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review the Revue

Caylie has spent a good part of the last 2 weeks performing at The Rep in 
"Review the Revue".

She loves doing the show, and even though she stays so busy during these times, she doesn't mind juggling her time around to squeeze it all in.

Corey and I took the boys to see one of the performances a couple of weeks ago, and then this past Saturday night,
mom and I attended the closing night performance.  

Caylie did an awesome job, and it was an exciting show!

Tim also came for his 2nd time, and brought her some beautiful red roses!
She loved that!

Several of her friends from her old school were also there for the show.
(Including Elizabeth, who is like a sister to her!)
They are a great group of girls!
They all went out for coffee after the show, and Caylie said that it felt like family.
She has known them all for so many years,
that she said that it just felt completely natural being together again.

Here Caylie is with her sweet director, Nicole.  

This will be the first summer in 3 years for her not to do the summer show at The Rep
It is going to overlap with her mission trip to Jamaica,
and she has decided that Jamaica is a priority.
Her mission trip last year had such an impact on her,
that she can't wait to return!  
She hopes to perform at the The Rep next fall for her last high school show.

Here is a bonus link to a news segment where
 one of the fabulous acts from "Review the Revue",
The Four Reps,
is featured...check it out!
It will put a smile on your face...I promise!


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