Monday, February 21, 2011

A Great Save

We have had a busy weekend.  

Some good stuff.

Some bad stuff.

One of the not so good things, is that we realized the Little Rock 1/2 Marathon...
that Caylie has been dutifully training for months for...has filled up, and I did not register her in time!

I felt H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E.!

She and her sweet friend Carolyn were planning to run it together.


So...the wheels in my head started turning, and something good started to develop.

I told dad about it, and he helped me search online for some other fun 1/2 marathons.

We have decided on this one, and are going to turn the fun road trip into our family's
Spring Break! 

It is an area that will be new to us all...
Galveston, TX
...and we are getting pretty excited.
We are even planning for Carolyn to go with us so that they can run together!

We will get to go to the beach... 

and also plan to spend a day doing some fun things in Houston...just 30 minutes away! 


Have any of you been to Galveston or Houston?   We are on the hunt for fun things to do!

Are you making any plans for Spring Break?  

Writing the Waves,


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