Friday, January 14, 2011

Great Meal Planning Resource!

A couple of months ago, I discovered a great site to streamline our dinner planning process!  It is called, and I have been loving it!

What hooked me into giving it a try was that since Caylie now has to eat gluten free, and I had no clue where to begin, e-mealz had a gluten free meal plan!  (They have plans for several diets...Weight Watchers, Diabetic, etc.)

Not only did I have a weekly meal plan laid out for me, but also the grocery list that is needed!  I can choose whether I want the list to be made for Wal-Mart shopping (taking into account the specials of that week!!!), or if I will be shopping at another grocery store.

For $1.25 a week, I just print out the menu, and the grocery list, and I'm good to go!  

We have been using a system of putting stars by each meal that we make from the printed out menus.  Meals that we definitely want to make again get 4 stars, and the ones that our family may not have loved quite as much, get fewer stars.  

Check it out!  It just might make your life a little bit easier!  

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Fawn said...Best Blogger Tips

I just started meal planning as part of my New Year's goals. I am going to give Relish! meal planning a try, so we'll have to compare notes!

Roan said...Best Blogger Tips

I will check this out. I have planned my weekly meals forever, but I am always looking for ways to improve or save time.

We used to eat out every Sunday too, and i just felt so guilty spending that money every week. So, I try to make something in the crock pot at least 3 Sundays a month.

Tree Frog Creations... said...Best Blogger Tips

I use this too! LOVE it!!! We do the low fat menus.

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