Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back From Blissdom

Caylie and I returned yesterday from our fun trip to the Blissdom conference in Nashville.

When we got there, started talking to other bloggers, and attending the sessions, we quickly realized that although we have both been blogging for a while, there is sooo much that we didn't/don't know!

We were able to meet many helpful, more experienced bloggers, have lots of good mother/daughter time, and we actually came back knowing quite a bit more about this fun world of blogging!

Caylie suggested that we take a picture of ourselves each morning before heading out of our room.  Although I really, really, really dislike having my picture taken, I decided to throw caution to the wind, and go with it!

I'm crazy like that!

Michelle Branch was the entertainment for Thursday evening.  

On Friday, we were treated to a nice lunch.  

We were at the table with these sweet bloggers...(from left to right) Cha Cha from, Lisa from, and Kellie from  

On Friday night, we were treated to Chris Mann and then Crystal Bowersox!  Both were just great!  I especially loved hearing Crystal!

Of course I forgot my camera that night...and wouldn't you know...we were close enough to the stage to have gotten great pictures, but'll just have to take my word for it!

Dang it!

Anyway, last but definitely not least, before heading home on Saturday morning, we enjoyed a great breakfast at Cracker Barrel with this fun bunch of bloggers!

Left side (front to back)...Meghan from, Sami from, Alicia from, Christina from, and of course my sweet Caylie from

Right side (front to back)...Michelle from, Lindsey from, me, and then Jenny from

It was a special treat to get to sit and visit with such sweet, honest women, that love the Lord, and really desire to not only live out that faith in their everyday lives, but also want to allow their faith to be revealed to readers through their blogs. Several of these girls are using their blogs for the specific purpose of encouraging others to grow in their faith.

Quite a few of these gals were homeschoolers...and a couple will even be speaking at the 2012 homeschool bloggers conference in Washington D.C. (The 2:1 Conference).

Such a neat group of girls!

It was an encouraging morning, and a great way to end our Blissdom experience!

Writing the Waves,


Meghan said...Best Blogger Tips

Sooo fun meeting you! I'm anxious to get to know you better!


Jenny said...Best Blogger Tips

I just love that you and your daughter came together... that is so precious. Maybe that will be me and Abby down the road. I loved meeting you two!

Alicia The Snowflake said...Best Blogger Tips

It really was a great end to the week! I'm so glad Meghan arranged it all. But I am sad that I didn't meet you until the very end of the conference. I would loved to have spent more time with you and your lovely daughter. Maybe next time?!?! (((HUGS)))

mer@lifeat7000feet said...Best Blogger Tips

Glad you enjoyed your time! I got your message about my friend...I think I realized too late that you were both there...

1 Funky Woman said...Best Blogger Tips

You two are so cute. I love your cute style.
Thank you so much for stopping over and leaving your sweet comments about my laundry room. I love my little laundry room, when ther isn't a mountain of laundry!

So excited to be following you!


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