Friday, February 19, 2010

An Almost Empty Nest...

This weekend, Caylie and Christian are both away on a church retreat.

They are with the 6th through 8th graders from our new church. Caylie went to serve as kind of a high school mentor for the middle school girls. They were both very excited about the trip. They are at the same retreat center that Caylie attended last weekend with the high school kids from our previous church. I'm praying that they both have a wonderful weekend!

This evening, after we dropped Caylie and Christian off, Corey, Carson and I went to Chip's BBQ, one of our favorite, very casual restaurants. Although I have been trying to eat a little bit healthier lately, I had to have a piece of Chip's delicious chocolate pie tonight. Chip's is one of the very few restaurants where I always want to order dessert. Thankfully, we don't go too terribly often!

We got home a few hours ago, and have been watching the Olympics all evening. This is really my first night to spend much time watching the Olympics. It has been nice to just have an evening to relax, and not allow myself to worry about getting anything done. Right now, we are watching curling. I've gotta say...Corey and I both think that it is a very weird sport! We don't quite get it. :)

Anyway, tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day. After Corey goes to a short meeting in the morning, we might get out and do some work in our garage. It is screaming for some organization!

If the weather will cooperate, we would like to plan a yard sale within the next few weeks. It is amazing how quickly things accumulate! I think that my last yard sale was not much more than 6 months ago, but already, I feel like I'm drowning in extra "stuff". I can't wait to get rid of some things!

Writing the Waves,


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

And now I'm craving barbecue!

I'll bet it feels weird having an almost empty nest! But how cool that Caylie gets to be a mentor for the middle school girls. You and Corey must be proud.

Roan said...Best Blogger Tips

I need to clean out my boys' room. We have way too many toy trucks! I cleaned out Leah's room earlier this week. I removed one bag of trash and 3 bags for give away! i hope to start on the boys' room this week. It is going to take me a while!
Enjoy your weekend!

Mich said...Best Blogger Tips

I keep saying i need to have a yard sale...too much junk.

Debbie said...Best Blogger Tips

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