Saturday, January 23, 2010

And The Birthdays Keep On Coming...Happy Birthday Corey!

Well, Corey's birthday was yesterday! That should wind things up around here (in the birthday department) until February. We get off to a big start each year!

Last night we celebrated by going out to eat barbecue with his parents, his sister Kinley, and her two children, Jordan and Jackson. We had a nice time, and then his parents and Jordan came and spent the night at our house.

This morning, Corey, his dad, Christian, Carson, and Jordan, all went to the Big Buck Classic...a deer hunting expo that was in town. (Though none of them are very much into deer hunting!) It had live animals, and other things that the kids (and the men!) were all interested in seeing.

After the Big Buck Classic, they headed to Jordan's basketball game, then with Mickey (Corey's brother-in-law) added to the mix, they came here to watch the Razorbacks.

Corey's mom, Kinley, Caylie and I all took that as our cue to run out and hit a few stores!

We wound things up with Mexican food at our house before everyone went home a little while ago.

It has been a busy, but fun weekend so far.

Now I'm heading out the door do the the c25k training that I just started on Thursday. Hopefully I will have the discipline to stick with it through the end! Thank goodness I have my own personal trainer...Caylie! She is quite the encourager...and has very little tolerance for excuses!

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Mich said...Best Blogger Tips

It is a big birthday month for us too.

Happy weekend!

Together We Save said...Best Blogger Tips

Just stopping by to say thanks, I was blog hopping (as I so often do LOL) and I stumbled on a post asking for tips with couponing, I thought I would leave a nice little comment.... and to my very happy surprise you had already told her about me. Thanks so much!!

Roan said...Best Blogger Tips

I saw that Charity is still in Hollywood!

iPhone scrabble---it is called Words With Friends (free). My user name is rojohn. He can start a game by user name, and just enter my name. Each player plays at his leisure....he will get a notification when I take my turn (like when you get a text), and then he can take his turn whenever he wants. It really is a lot of fun! I play with about 5 people.

the blog book--
Megan made my first one for me (my sister in law with the blog "Party of Two".) I am doing it myself this time, but I will probably have her make my cover. I will blog about it after I do it. Basically you copy and paste your blog posts into a word document (paying attention to the page breaks so that it looks with the font size, etc.), and then you upload it to
I am guessing that mine will cost about $ pay per page. I may not include my entire blog, just the posts I want printed.....I need to see how many pages it is when I get through. My first book cost $50, but I had blogged only May-December. This time I want all of 2009, so we'll see.

Have a great weekend!

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