Sunday, November 15, 2009

Homeschool Volleyball Nationals!

We recently returned from the National Homeschool Volleyball Tournament in Omaha, Nebraska. It was so much fun!

Two of Caylie's friends team mates were traveling with our family, and when we stopped in Kansas City to spend the night, they did their own little photo session in their pajamas! They did silly hair and make up, and had so much fun.
Cute girly stuff!

Our first stop after we arrived in Omaha was Spaghetti Works downtown. We met up with the rest of our group for a big lunch together. The food and the company were both great!
Here is a picture of the girls outside, before we went into the restaurant.
And inside, a few of the girls hanging out together...Caylie played around with this one and made it black and white.

Caylie had a great group of girls on her team. Here they are getting started at the tournament...

Let's play some volleyball!

Corey's parents met us in Omaha for the tournament. They watched and cheered Caylie's team on for some of the matches, and helped us out by babysitting Carson for other matches! We really appreciated that, because it is hard to pay close attention to a game while also entertaining a fidgety 3 year old! :)

Here is a picture of Caylie and Nana before one of the matches.

Nana took the good action shots of Caylie for me to put on the blog. My little camera is way to slow to get any action shots!

At night, the girls would have dinner in the hotel, and then visit in the lobby. Here they are hanging out in front of the nice fireplace. Sorry you can't see the fire!
One morning, Nana and Papaw were hanging out with Carson and Christian (while we were at games), and Nana had a little photo session with the boys. She got some good pictures!

I can't believe how big Christian is getting! He has grown up so much in the last year.

And my other sweet guy...little Carson!

There is a huge sporting goods store in Omaha, called Scheels. There is even a Ferris Wheel in the middle of the store! Everyone rode it, but I can't find the memory card that contains those pictures! Aargh!

Caylie had been needing new volleyball shoes, so while we were at Scheels, we let her pick out a new pair.

Here she is posing with Nana as she picks out her new shoes.

Here is the group shot of Caylie's team that was taken at Nationals.

The competition was really tough, and the girls were a little disappointed with their postion at the end of the tournament, but mostly, everyone was sad that the season was over. The girls had a little party after the last game for the seniors on the team, and as the coach went around and complimented each girl on what they had contributed to the team, there were even a few teary eyes.

We all hated to see it end.

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