Monday, October 19, 2009

Arkansas State Fair

The Arkansas State Fair has been going for the last week or so, and Friday morning was Family Day. All of the rides were free for the younger children that morning, so we decided to take the kids.

Here is Caylie helping Carson walk across a bridge in the Fun House.

Both of the big kids are so good about participating in things with Carson. He loves them sooo much, and is blessed to have such a loving big brother and sister!

Christian took Carson on this little ride...

Carson climbed up the ladder, and slid down the Super Slide all by himself!

Papaw always enjoys the fair, so he drove into town that morning to take it all in with us. Caylie loved getting visit with her Papaw.

Carson was very interested in the animals. He even got to feed them, which he thought was a lot of fun!

Here, Christian is feeding a zebra!

Later in the day, Corey's sister, Kinley, and her family joined us. We all ate lunch together....even shared some fried Oreos. They were actually pretty good!

After lunch, Caylie and I had to leave so that she could get to play practice, but the rest of the group stayed for hours longer! Here Carson and Jackson ride one of the fun rides together.

In the past, I had only gone to the fair at night, and was NOT a big fan. The last time I went, I said that I didn't care to ever go again, but this year, Corey convinced me to give it a try during the day. It was a much different environment...less crowded, and just a better feel in general.

I don't know if I will ever be one to do the marathon, full day trip to the fair, but I think that I will probably go for part of the day again. It was much better than I had remembered it being!

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