Friday, July 31, 2009

Navy Pier (round 2), Alladin, and Tea!

The guys woke up bright and early to hit the golf course. They had a good time, and returned in time for us to all get to the Navy Pier to see the play "Aladdin".

Since it was a play geared toward children, and the theater was full of kids, we were really hoping that it would be entertaining enough to keep Carson's attention...and it was!

Here he is right before the show started...

It was a GREAT show, and we all loved every minute of it! The singing, acting, dancing, sets...everything...was fantastic!

After the play, we all got some ice cream together, and then Corey kept the boys at the Navy Pier for more fun and games...

while Caylie and I headed out for a special treat...afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel!

Our first stop however, was at a little nail salon where we got our finger nails and toe nails polished.

We were loving life until we walked out, Caylie still wearing her ultra-flimsy pedicure sandals, and realized that it was raining, and we had to walk a couple of blocks to catch a taxi...with no umbrella! We got a little bit wet, and Caylie's poor feet were hurting, but we finally found a taxi that took us to the Peninsula!

We had such a good time! The hotel was so nice, and the food was beautiful and delicious. We both got to try some yummy new treats!

We loved having time to just soak in the nice atmosphere, visit and laugh together!

While Caylie and I are not tea drinkers, I really did enjoy my hot tea. Caylie, while not loving her tea, sure did strike a cute pose and fake it for the camera! (Gotta have pictures for the blog ya know!)

Caylie looked beautiful...and sooo grown up!!!

My sweet little Cuddle Bug is turning into such a lovely young lady!

After the tea, Caylie put on her more comfortable shoes, and we squeezed in a few more Michigan Avenue shops before heading back to the apartment! It was SUCH a fun day!

Writing the Waves,


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