Friday, June 12, 2009

Caylie's Buffalo River Float Trip

On Thursday, Caylie went with the youth group on a trip to float the Buffalo. They had a pretty day, and had a great time.

She took a disposable water proof camera to take some pictures, and while most of the pictures were okay, this one is sooo grainy...but it shows her with her friends before they headed out bright and early at 7am!
They arrived safely at the canoe rental place where they got all fixed up, and ready to roll...or float! This is her good friend Elizabeth, who she shared a canoe with for the day.

They tipped over more than once, but they didn't care...they were having so much fun!
Can you tell?
Their canoe got so filled with water that it was sinking, so they had to use the big plastic bags that some of their stuff was packed in to empty water out of the canoe!
Here is Caylie with her friend Megan... and with another friend, Taylor!
Caylie remembered to take sunscreen, but only put it on her upper body. When she got home, the tops of her legs were sooo burned. She was really hurting for a few days, but still said that it was worth it!

I'm glad!

Bet she won't forget her legs next time! :)

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