Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Boy's Room

Since we live in a 3 bedroom house, and have 3 kids, our two guys share a room. Hopefully one of these days we will have an extra bedroom, but for now, we are making do.

Until recently, Carson only slept in this room, but never really played in here much. Lately however, he has started hanging out in here more.

Here is how I found him the other day...

He has also discovered Lego's and Lincoln Logs!

Christian has always been great at building really cool Lego and Lincoln Log creations, so now Carson loves seeing what BB (Big Brother) can put together!

Although Christian hasn't played with this stuff very much on his own, in quite a long time, he is great about playing with Carson.

Below, Christian "helped" Carson build a really cool building.

They let me get a picture of them beside their project...

And then they both laughed as Carson kicked it into 100 pieces!


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