Friday, May 8, 2009

Party Time!

Tonight was Christian's birthday party with friends.

He asked to go to Playtime Pizza. It is a entertainment complex near where we live. It has a big dinner buffet, laser tag, rock climbing, blacklight putt-putt, go-carts, bumper cars, bowling, a huge arcade, a toddler area, etc., etc.!

Paradise for kids big and small...for parents, maybe!?!?

But it was his party, so we were up for it.

He invited 3 of his good buddies.

As I was getting some things ready for the party, and Christian was loading some music onto his new ipod, Carson just walked over and gave him a hug and said "Happy Birthday BB." I didn't catch the original hug, but I asked Carson to hug BB again, and he happily did it again!

When Carson was just learning how to say all of our names, we thought that Christian would be too hard to learn, so we taught him to say "BB" for Big Brother. It stuck. Today as we were driving down the road, Carson started crying, and said, "I want my BB!"

While the crying wasn't so great to hear, I loved hearing him ask for his BB...too cute!

Before heading to the party, Corey decorated the windows of the truck.

Carson even got to help a little bit!

When Christian went outside and saw the truck, he said, "Yes!" :)

I asked the boys to pose in front of the truck, and Carson was double checking to make sure that he had the pose figured out.

After we arrived, and everyone was fueled up for some fun, they guys hit the bumper cars...

And the go-carts...

The DDR...

The roller coaster simulator...

The arcade...

And much, much more!

Carson had a great time, but got tired before the big kids, so since we were in two cars, I brought him back home and put him in bed.

When the rest of the crew returned, we had cake and ice cream, sang Happy Birthday, and then the boys just hung out until it was time to hit the sack.

Since Carson had been in bed, and missed participating in the Happy Birthday song, we squeezed it in one more breakfast!

Check out Carson, trying so hard to hold back his smile as everyone sang Happy Birthday to Christian!

Writing the Waves,

PS: One of my college friends read my geocaching post yesterday, and commented that there is also another version of "treasure hunting" that does not require a gps system. It is called letter boxing. I looked it up online, and it also looks like fun. I think that if you have kids that would enjoy treasure hunting, both geocaching and letter boxing can be done just about anywhere!


Amber said...Best Blogger Tips

Love Playtime Pizza!!

Looks like a GREAT party!!

But I can't get my mind off of that cake. Drool.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...Best Blogger Tips

Looks like Christian had a great party!

We have a place like Playtime Pizza here. We took our Brownie troop in March as a reward for selling tons of GS cookies, and I had a blast. Laser tag was my favorite!

Letterboxing does look great, doesn't it?

And oh my goodness, the pic of Carson hugging Christian and of him standing by the truck with the big boys made my heart smile SO big. Adorable.

Mich said...Best Blogger Tips

Looks like a great time!

And you even got them to pose for pictures!

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