Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not Quite The Way We Had Planned...AT ALL!

Ok, so last year, everything went off without a hitch...everything.

This time, not so much!

But we'll get to that.

Things started off just fine. We were all loaded up and ready to head out just in time. A car full of happy campers excited about our fun weekend together enjoying each other's company, and an awesome concert.

Check out Stacye, hanging out and having fun on the way to Dallas.

We grabbed something to eat at Sonic on the way, and arrived at the hotel early enough to hang out and visit for a little while before we all headed off to bed.

Saturday morning, we all met for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. The food was great. When we were all so full that we thought we would pop, we headed out to start our day.

Here is the crew...John, Corey, Jerry, and Allison on the left.

Heidi, me, Stacye, and Eric on the right.

First stop for the girls, this little slice of heaven...

Oh. My. Gosh.

If you have never been there, you need to make it a priority the next time you are near one.


Here we are making ourselves all comfy on some cute display furniture. We may have gotten a few stares after Heidi set the timer on my camera, and we all struck a pose, but who cares! Anything for a picture. I know you understand, and appreciate our efforts!

When we left IKEA, we found ourselves at...


Again, no kidding...a girl should NEVER go to Dallas, without heading to this hot spot! More jewelry and accessories than you have ever seen!

And did I mention that it is CHEAP?

While we shopped, the guys were hanging out here...

an arcade/game room on steroids. I think that they loved every minute of it, and could have stayed all day. When we caught up with them, they were playing some cool virtual golf game. I forgot to take a picture of them (what was I thinking???), and when I asked Corey if they took any pictures of themselves while they were there, he looked at me like I had two heads, and said no.

So I guess guys don't do that...


For dinner, we headed to a Mexican restaurant near the concert site. We had fun, and all got a big laugh after we snuck a fake roach onto Stacye's plate!

Our girl Heidi just happened to have a fake roach in her purse! don't?

Now to the part about things not quite going as planned.

Throughout the day, we had started to see the writing on the wall.

It was going to rain. Really rain.

So, we were just going to make the best of it. We covered up with our stylin' ponchos, and headed out the door to go enjoy us some Kenny.

Although it was raining, there were times when it would lighten up a little, and we would think that maybe we were home free...but it was not to be. Here is a shot from when things were kind of clear....

But in a few short minutes, it went from from that, to this...

Buckets of rain, the concert being canceled, and the crowd just trying to make the best of a CRAZY situation... should really try to quit sulking...such a downer...really.

So maybe the trip was not quite what we had all, but it was a trip that we won't soon forget, and a story that will be told many times I'm sure!

Writing the Waves,


mer@lifeat7000feet said...Best Blogger Tips

We don't have IKEA in Colorado. Can you believe that?

We're getting one in Denver spring I think.

I love all the other places you mentioned...and I LOVE the Starplex. Sorry for the crummy weather, but it looks like you guys managed to still have a blast.

Mich said...Best Blogger Tips

Sorry you didn't get to see the whole concert, but it looks like you had a blast with your friends.

I know what you mean by husbands taking pictures. My husband wouldn't take a picture of anything if I didn't beg him too!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...Best Blogger Tips

You guys are definitely troopers with that weather. Can you believe I have never been to an Ikea either? None in Colorado, though I hear we are getting one sometime? I can hope!

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