Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We Love Lucy..I Think...

They twisted my arm, and MADE me do it. Seriously.

We got a dog on Sunday night, and her name is Lucy.

I have said for a good, long time now that I did not want a dog. We have virtually NO back yard, since it is taken up by our pool, and I didn't want to have to attempt the whole house breaking routine again. Tried that before, and I am apparently NOT a good doggie coach!

Well, Corey pulled a fast one on me on Sunday, and he finally won. After I gave in, we all drove about an hour away to pick up our 2 year old, house broken, and very well mannered new golden retriever. Her previous owner was a young college student that was about to be starting nursing school, and just had too much going on. She was very sad to have to give Lucy up, and I think I can see why.

I have to admit...it looks like we got a good one! (HUGE sigh of relief!!!)

I have taken some pictures that I will add to this post when I get my act together. She is very pretty.

She's also gentle, and seems to be very patient, which is a good thing, because with a 2 1/2 year old boy hanging all over her every day, she needs to be!

Christian has been working on some new tricks with her, and he and Caylie have both been great about taking her out for walks and playing with her. It doesn't look like she will suffer from a lack of attention!

And I MAY have even found a new friend too...

Writing the Waves,


Mich said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm not good with the house breaking either. However, my current dog belonged to someone else too and came already trained...I'm beginning to think that is the only way for me to go unless I want an outside dog.

Enjoy your new "best friend."

Cuppa Jo said...Best Blogger Tips

Hey, congrats on your dog! I just read this!!!!!!!!!!

Our dog will be 2 in September. "They" say she will be calmer after 2 years old.

We love her, though . . .

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