Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Nice Afternoon

Yesterday, when the big kids got home from school, the weather was beautiful.

During the spring and summer, we always spend a LOT of time hanging out in our front yard. We have a long driveway for the kids to ride bikes, trikes, and scooters on, draw with chalk, etc., and a nice big, flat front yard for playing ball, Frisbee, etc. The kids play, Corey and I sit out and visit...with each other, and with neighbors. We are sooo happy that we are back into that time of the year again! Love it!

Today, Christian headed straight out to ride his bike, and play with his friends, etc...which is what he usually does, regardless of the weather! :)

Caylie is very much a warm weather girl, and so today, she couldn't wait to get outside. She ran upstairs and changed into a tank top and shorts so that she could soak up the sun!

I put Carson's shoes on him, and we all headed out. I rarely, if ever, put shoes on him unless we are leaving the house, because it is never more than a couple of minutes until this is happening...

Yep...off go the shoes! But in no time, he stepped on something that hurt, and realized that maybe he needed them on after all. He actually brought them over to me to have me put them back on!

After piddling around in the garage for a few minutes, he pulled out a strange assortment of "toys" to entertain himself with. Daddy's golf club (I know that Corey loves it when Carson romps around with his clubs!), some dice, and a Frisbee.

Whatever works!

(By the way, Corey does allow Carson to play with this club!)

Christian and his friend made a pit stop on the porch to look at his "Boy's Life", magazine, and Carson, of course, had to get in on the action. He ALWAYS wants to play with the big boys...and sometimes, they let him!
Caylie had fun swinging Carson around...he LOVES this!

She and Christian are both sooo good about playing with and entertaining Carson!

Nope, can't have just a couple of pieces of chalk out! That wouldn't work at all!

Caylie is a "master chalker"...nobody can create chalk doodles like Caylie can!
Christian graciously decided to pacify me, and allow me to take this picture of him before he headed out to ride around the circle again.
And just for the record...he is the most difficult child ever about posing for pictures! You would think that I was asking him to stick his feet in hot coals! I am thankful for every picture I get of this guy! :)

Hopefully that will change when he turns 12...in about 2 weeks! :)

I want more pics of my big guy!

Are you listening Christian??? :)

Carson saw a fuzzy caterpillar on the driveway, and enjoyed "petting" it. I'm thinking that this one needs to go in a frame. I'm really bad about getting around to that kind of thing, but I'm at least stating my intention! Maybe that will help me to actually get it done...

Carson got the grass mowed with his bubble blowing lawn mower...yes, that is chalk all over his bottom!
Caylie traced Carson's body, which he complained about, and then, when he saw it, and realized that it was pretty cool, he said, "Do again!"

That is one of his little quotes right now. Cute.

Caylie is really good at playing around with photo editing software. She took this picture of herself in the lawn chair yesterday, and then played around with it.

I think it is pretty cool!

Writing the Waves,


Beth@Pages of Our Life said...Best Blogger Tips

Your Christian sounds like the way my boys are sometimes. I have been thinking about letting them work for me. That way I can get lots of pictures and they can be my "model". lol :D

Mich said...Best Blogger Tips

Christian is a typical boy his age...too busy to pose for pictures unless it is their "team" photo. I know, I have one just like him!

I love how your kids play and hang out together. Please tell me they fight every once in a while, because mine sure do and I need to know i'm not the only mom who can't keep her kids from being mean to each other!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...Best Blogger Tips

Isn't it so fun to be outside again? I love it! Can't wait for the warm weather to be here to stay. (Not for a few more weeks here in Colorado!)

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

I want some short sleeves weather!

I agree with Mich: It's cool that your kids play so well together!

Amber said...Best Blogger Tips

I love love love this pretty weather! And being outside playing in the sunshine is my favorite thing to do!!!!

Love that picture Caylie took of herself...very cool.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...Best Blogger Tips

I think you are VERY lucky to have Caylie. Looks like she loves keep Carson entertained...and looks like he loves it too!

Yeah, my son is funny about pictures too. Hoping they'll both come around one of these days. Glad to see a pic of him though...he's very handsome.

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