Saturday, April 18, 2009

Caylie's First 5K

Today Caylie ran in her first 5K. She has been jogging almost daily for a while now, and so we all felt like she was ready, but since it was a first, we weren't sure what to expect. We got to the race site early enough for her to register, get her shirt and number, and then have some time to warm up.
When it was time for everyone to line up, Christian headed over to get a shot of Caylie...and a
self portrait too!

As Caylie ran by us, about half way through the race, Christian and Carson were there to cheer her on...Go Caylie!
Her finishing time was 29:55...meeting the goal she had set for herself of being under 30 minutes for her first race. We were so proud of her! She said that she even enjoyed it more than she had expected to! :)

Carson was getting pretty irritable by the time the race was over. It had gotten colder, and started sprinkling, and he had gotten his feet pretty wet in all of the puddles that were everywhere. We had to work pretty hard to get him to not fuss every time we turned the camera toward him!

This was the best that we were able to pull off.

Caylie had wanted to stay long enough to see the awards being given out, but with Carson quickly slipping off of the deep end, and Caylie needing to get to a church group meeting, we decided that we needed to head on out, so we don't know what the top results were for the different categories. Oh well, maybe next time...

While we were there, we ran into an old friend, who is in charge of another race that is coming up at the end of next month. I think that Caylie AND Christian may both be interested in doing that race as well!
That would be fun!
We'll see what happens...
Writing the Waves,


Mich said...Best Blogger Tips

I know you are proud! Way to go Caylie!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...Best Blogger Tips

VERY awesome. Congrats to Caylie!!!

That's a great time...especially for her first time!

I've always been able to find results online. Did they post them for her race? I think one site I used to go to was They had lots of race results and upcoming races on there. Don't even know if that's still a site! Yikes. I've lived away from there too long.

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