Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nose Bleeds...And Unfinished Work

Today was one of those days where I never quite felt like I got into my "groove".

Carson had Mother's Day Out today, so we got him up and ready, and dropped off in time for me to start knocking out my "to do" list. I had my list broken down into 30 minute time segments (as I often do), and had lots to accomplish.

About an hour after he got to "school", we got a call that his nose was bleeding, and that they couldn't get it stopped. They said that it had gone on for 20 minutes or so, and said that they thought that we should come and get him, so we did.

A couple of weeks ago, the same thing happened. We got the call from school, but that day, right after they got in touch with us, it stopped, and so they called back and said that he was okay. They said that they had probably used 20 tissues while it was bleeding! They also said that they didn't think that he had fallen or had any kind of an accident.

These are the only 2 nose bleeds that he has ever had to our knowledge! I am kind of confused as to what it could be.

Corey mentioned that he might be allergic to something at "school", but I don't know if it would cause that kind of a problem.

Also today, and a few weeks ago too, Carson has complained of eye pain in one of his eyes. Two times today, once after he got home from school, and another time later this afternoon, he started crying and rubbing his eye, saying it hurt. After about a minute or so, he stopped fussing, and forgot about it.

Any ideas? I am a worrier, so it is hard for me to just let things go. Corey said that it is probably nothing. I told him, that one or the other wouldn't necessarily worry me, but both together...I just want to know what the deal is.

Anyway, after Carson got home, my day full of accomplishing things kind of fell apart. I am bad about that. If I know that Carson and I will be at home all day, I can plan with that in mind, and still get quite a bit done, but when I have a plan, and it gets thrown off, I am not so great about getting back into my "groove".

My "to do" list for tomorrow just got a little bit longer!

Wish me luck!

Writing the Waves,


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