Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Day In The Life....

Today we all slept in, and then decided to go to the Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs. When we got into the car, Caylie looked under the seat, and found her wallet that has been missing for at least a month...a good start to the day!

Before we left town, we had some business to take care of...a yummy breakfast at Denny's! We all left fueled up and ready to go!

When we arrived, we were surprised at how MANY people were thinking the same thing that we were! It was a very cold day, and everyone was trying to find something fun to do while staying WARM! The line to buy tickets was very long, and so Corey waited in line while the kids and I headed to the gift shop to kill some time...and have some fun...

The museum was lots of fun! It had neat stuff for everyone to do. Here, Corey and Christian are trying to brace a "building" to be able to withstand an earthquake. After they built it, and secured the strapping, they pushed a button to make the platform that it was built on shake in order to put their work to the held strong! Good work guys!

While Carson was slightly interested in Corey's and Christian's earthquake resistant structure, he REALLY took an interest in the LEGO table! Same general concept...try to build an earthquake resistant structure.

Carson couldn't have cared less about that though...he just wanted to build.

We saw, by building our own arch, how an arch adds so much strength to a structure...both on a small scale....

and on a much, much larger scale!

SUCCESS!!! least until Carson came along and acted as the demo man. He worked up a belly laugh over that one! A missed photo op...

Caylie and Carson adjusted lights on both sides of a window, to see what kind of an effect it had on how well they could see each other...and make faces at each other!

They had a water fountain that was built into a TOILET!


It was supposed to show how much your preconceived ideas impact you. Funny how Caylie could get past the thought of drinking out of a toilet, but gets grossed out if she has to share a drink or a bite of food with her brothers! Ha!

I freaked out a little bit on this one...I was afraid that Carson would come home and think that he could start drinking out of our toilet!
In this water play area, Christian and Carson had fun attaching rubber bands to the boat paddles, and seeing how far they would go.

By the time we left the museum, everyone was ready for a treat from Dairy Queen.

So with a fun day, and a full tummy checked off of the list...we headed home. Some lasted longer than others....

Writing the Waves,

PS: To my sweet, sweet mom... YOU. ARE. THE. BEST!!!! You know what I am talking about!!! An awesome end to an awesome day! WE LOVE YOU!!! :)


mer@lifeat7000feet said...Best Blogger Tips

That looks like so much fun.
And your family is just beautiful!

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for the encouraging comment you left last night. :D Photography is a new found passion and a great enjoyment outside homeschooling my boys.

I love seeing how your family interacts. You can tell that there is a lot of love between the siblings.

Blessings for your new adventure! I think the more you learn about how others have been successful, the less fear you will have. I have been there and felt that too.


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